Artist Spotlight Johnny Garcia


From Non-Believer to Channel of Source Energy

Interviewed by Cushla Lovejoy PhD.

 Johnny Garcia is an artist, and musician, who has dedicated the last 10 years in assisting people in understanding and realizing their souls’ journey. He supports people in connecting to their authentic creative power and choices. In this interview with Cushla he shares with us how he shifted from being a non-believer to becoming a channel for the Divine Mothers and inspirational Soul Essence art.


Cushla: Hi Johnny. So nice to be able to have this conversation.

Johnny: Thank you Cushla. I’m excited about having this talk.

C: Great. Let me start with the title of this article “From Non-Believer to a Channel of Source Energy”. Can you share with us what that experience was like for you?

J: Yes, of course. When I was 18 years old, I was living with my parents in San Francisco and I decided to move out on my own. With this new freedom, I realized I could create my own rules. My first rule was disassociating myself from the organized religion that my parents had forced me to participate in, which was way beyond my comfort zone and personal beliefs. I divorced myself from all non-physical energies – God, Angels, Devil, etc. For the next 13 years, I believed in nothing – except having a good time and experimenting with all the things I was taught to avoid.

C: What situation occurred that changed that path for you?

J: Around the age of 30, I bought a deck of cards to do readings just for the sole purpose of disproving them. Funny, right? I started doing readings that were extremely accurate, which I thought was just coincidence. I even practiced with myself. One day, I asked a question, pulled out 4 cards and did not like the answer. I reshuffled and pulled the same cards in the same order. What luck, I thought, but still not liking the answer, I reshuffled and for the 3rd time drew the same cards in the same order. Right then, there was a big click in my heart and for the first time I felt that there was something bigger than me. From that moment, my life shifted greatly.

C: In which way did it change for you?

J: The doors of creativity and unlimitedness opened up. That year, in 2000, I became a professional photographer and specialized in photographing actors, models, and musicians. One of the most common responses I received was how beautifully I had captured them in the photos. “This is the first time I’ve seen ME in photos. You brought out my essence, thank you.” This is when I realized I had a gift of connecting with people’s souls and helping them to see their authentic selves.

As well, 2000 was the year I started painting. For the next few years, art and photography showed me how to be present with my work and go with the flow. Then in 2007, I met you, Cushla, and another big life shift happened for me.

C: I remember that clearly. It’s when the Divine Mother’s asked you to work on the book project with me. Do you remember how you felt when we asked you?

J: Of course! It was at a time that I had begun meditating regularly and learning about energies, healing and spirit guides. I had never met a true channel until I met you. You offered me a channeling session with the Divine Mothers where they shared that I would be channeling their energies as I painted the art for the book. Naturally, I felt nervous and wondered about the “how”. But the how just happened perfectly and to this date, every painting that I create is consciously channeled with Source energy.


C: Besides our book, ‘Connect with your Light Energy’, what other art projects have you worked on?

J: Right after the book, I did a series of 26 paintings titled, “The Soul’s Journey”, which interprets the journey of the soul, from its birth from Source to its reintegration with Source, plus many of the steps in between. For many years now, I have been fascinated by the soul’s journey and it is the foundation for the work I do, including the Soul Essence paintings.

C: Are your Soul Essence paintings similar to soul portraits? Why should someone get a Soul Essence painting from you?

J: Soul portraits normally give a figurative interpretation and restrict people to just focus on the image in their drawing. The Soul Essence paintings I channel are completely abstract so that it can be interpreted in the most unlimited of ways. It encourages the mind to stop thinking and instead, to open up more to feel, connecting to the knowingness of who you are – unconditional love and light.


We are all unlimited beings and that’s forgotten so often because of all the limitations in our everyday life. The Soul Essence paintings are always the perfect reminder to live more in your expansiveness rather than your limitations.


Johnny, currently resides in Mexico. He runs international retreats and workshops and provides one-on-one sessions.  Read more here –  Cushla and Johnny have co-created a 2018 calendar of channelled art and inspirational messages, and will be releasing a deck of cards for readings. Johnny will be a keynote speaker at the Conscious Living Expo in Perth this November 3-5.