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In an interview for Living Well Radio, Zsuzsanna Hay shares how a family member with autism changed her life and shaped her future. Today, Zsuzsanna helps others using the ‘Theraphi Device’. This fascinating, insightful interview is at

the Future

Many people suffer one health condition or another, or have chronic illnesses for which they have not been able to find satisfactory medical solutions. Consequently, they are forced to seek alternative treatments.

 Zsuzsanna Hay’s family was in a similar situation when one of her family members was diagnosed as having Autism following an adverse reaction to MMR immunisation. Issues involved included allergies, inflammatory conditions such as leaky gut and neurological conditions. Her search for solutions ultimately succeeded when she found a vibrational healing device called the Theraphi.


Originally from Hungary, Zsuzsanna gained a double bachelor degree in teaching rehabilitation called Conductive Education. This approach works with the principles of neuropsychology to create new wiring in the seemingly damaged brain. Armed with her degree and having helped children with physical impairment to walk and talk again, she began travelling the world, taking up invitations to share her knowledge.

Her first invitation took her to Italy, then America, followed by Germany. Finally, Zsuzsanna arrived in Australia, where she settled. Her background experience includes working for families, education departments and rehabilitation centres, in each case helping children improve their wellbeing and reach for their full potential.

With a stubborn determination, she continued to apply all her scientific training in rehabilitation therapy to research what was available around the world to treat impaired children.

From 2011 to 2014, Zsuzsanna conducted extensive research into human mitochondria. Her mitochondria studies pointed her in the direction of nutrition and orthomolecular medicine. In 2015, she qualified as a Certified Nutritional Consultant.

This year, 2017, she completed her Neurodevelopmental studies so that she could incorporate the latest brain research and nutritional methods into her work in rehabilitation.


While living in Hungary with her family on a small, self-sufficient parcel of land, they used traditional healing with herbs, water medicine, dowsing and healing with food. But her research influenced the family to make radical dietary changes, eating only nutritionally dense food. Looking into her research, they also developed a strong belief in neurodevelopmental therapies, which have strong scientific evidence and a proven track record of improving well-being without side effects.

After settling in Western Australia and putting her heart and soul into sourcing and working with wellness therapies to improve her family member’s autistic behaviour, Zsuzsanna was led to a solution.

Impressed by the devices invented by Priore, Royal Raymond Rife and Tesla, Zsuzsanna tracked down a wellness device in northern New South Wales, called the Theraphi. Once again, it was time to travel. With her family, she went from Perth to the clinic in NSW where they each had nine Theraphi sessions. After the sessions, they all experienced a great feeling of wellbeing.

Upon starting her series of nine Theraphi treatments, Zsuzsanna had a severe migraine and a sore back muscle; both were greatly relieved after only one session. Her biggest surprise came when she arrived home in Perth. The next day she felt an immense need to go for a run in the morning and to do some yoga. Well, what a feeling! She had not had this much energy since her twenties.

Zsuzsanna now runs every morning. Her bursitis has settled. She could hardly walk let alone run before the Theraphi sessions, she said! She decided to buy a Theraphi device and use it in Perth.

Looking at wellness, she tells us that “everything goes back to frequencies”.

This would include frequencies of intention when entering any form of therapeutic activity. Given appropriate conditions, mitochondrial activity comes into play. Wellness may be just a vibration away.

Since her first experience with the Theraphi device, Zsuzsanna is now more at peace.

For years, each day she swung from anger to resentment. Her use of the Theraphi device has helped her alter that ‘frequency’.


The Theraphi is an electronic device for creating a radiative bio-active plasma field. Co-created by Dan Winter and Paul Harris, the inspiration for this device is based on the famous pioneering efforts of Nicola Tesla, George Lakhovsky, Royal Raymond Rife and especially Antoine Priore in France.


Although, the Theraphi device is known to be the modern-day application of regenerative electromagnetic therapy, it has been in development for more than 100 years, since Nikola Tesla first discovered the usefulness of scalar waves and suggested its use. Pioneers such as Royal Raymond Rife, Alexander Gurwitsch and George Lakhovsky refined Tesla’s theories and manufactured similar effective healing devices in the 1930s and 40s.

The Theraphi takes the original work of Antoine Priore to a whole new level, using modern solid-state electronics and Dan Winter’s new equation and ‘phase conjugate’ physics. The Theraphi focuses on regeneration with the use of scalar waves to correct abnormal energy fields around cells, thereby programming them to work normally and restore optimal body functions,


Precise electromagnetic frequencies derived from hydrogen, and phi-ratio harmonics are modulated and passed through a unique mixture of noble gases. The resulting super coherent plasma wave field transmits 18 different healing frequencies which envelope the patient and affect every cell of the body.

Countless experiments with the Theraphi have shown that the right mixture of signature frequencies have effects on human body responses to viruses, parasites, immune deficiencies, increases in metabolism, heart rate variability, reduction of inflammation, treatment of degenerative diseases and natural pain relief.

The Theraphi works to rejuvenate the entire body and spirit by increasing and making more coherent a bin energetic field known in physics as the ‘plasma field’.

This works on many levels. The overall effect is negentropy as the reversal of entropy — as in deterioration and ageing. It has the ability to restore coherence in single and multicellular organisms thereby increasing the potential of homeostasis in cases of many degenerative diseases. The Theraphi process is also known for increasing circulation and sensation in areas where these have been limited or lost.


Conducted over several sessions, the first session takes between 45 minutes and an hour. The sessions that follow take about 15 minutes. In a significant number of cases, according to Zsuzsanna, clients who have used this healing device have experienced a feeling of bliss or euphoria and an increase in dream activity. Users of the Theraphi Device have reported positive results in:

  • Pain Reduction
  • Reduction of Inflammation
  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Positive uplift in mood
  • Improved focus and stress relief.

Although the Theraphi is a relatively new healing device, Zsuzsanna is convinced of the therapeutic benefits that it has to offer in enhancing the effectiveness of her work with rehabilitation and nutrition, as well as general wellbeing.

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