Excel In Being Serene



Buddhist teacher Behram Ghista tells us that our innate wisdom will reveal solutions only when we learn to remain calm in the face of difficulties.

“The tragedy for most people is not just in their avoidance of the unpleasant aspects of life, but also in their unwillingness to give triumph a chance, by facing challenging conditions with the wisdom and love they are born with.”

Do you suffer from a hostile takeover of your body and mind, by stress hormones? Well, what if you decided, once and for all, to gain mastery of your life by maintaining your equipoise in the midst of life’s challenges? How enjoyable would your life be then?

Suppose you did achieve the impossible dream of a hassle-free existence, wouldn’t that achievement be the greatest hassle you could inflict upon yourself? How sturdy, innovative and clear-sighted would your responses to life’s curve balls be if you existed within some kind of silken cocoon?

So, dispel your desire for a “wrinkle free” life, because eventually you will have to embrace and gain mastery over the abrasive realities that are an intrinsic part of life. Hence placing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be, is really never the wiser option.


Understand, that in most situations, it is not the challenges that are daunting. What immobilises you is the tightening feeling within you which comes from your living in neglect of your spiritual heritage. By choosing to be spiritually illiterate, it is inevitable that you will resist and fear challenges that appear to be beyond your capability to transform in your favour. The truth is that you can learn to free yourself from such unwholesome responses to life’s inevitable ebb and flow. How? By making personal growth and learning your mainstay, you empower yourself to face any “invitation” life presents you with, in the right light. Realize that no challenge is a problem, unless you choose to make it so.

As you excel in being serene on all occasions, novel solutions to your challenges reveal themselves to you effortlessly. Understand that life is constituted to be the way it is and you don’t have to be perturbed about it. You can choose better. Accept this fact, and you will liberate yourself from the fatigue and frustration that comes from constantly swimming against the current.


Amid life’s vicissitudes, be wise: remain steady and centred in the fullness of your spiritual inheritance. If you are unable to do this, the daily biochemical baths of your emotional turbulence will constrict you, leaving your problems unsolved and joyous occasions unclaimed.

Instead of fleeing when things seem to overwhelm you, learn to seize the day and gather what treasures you can from it. After all, it is not people or circumstances that cause you grief, or trepidation: it is your own estimation of these realities that creates turbulence in your life. Learning to relate with love, gentleness, appreciation and understanding for “those things” and “those people” that agitate you, yet are an inseparable part of your life, you will increase your skill in flowing gracefully through life’s peaks and valleys and everything in-between.


Consequently, in all tasks you undertake – even if they are urgent and demand great care – remain centered in your spiritual inheritance and they will not disturb you. It is unskilful for you to indulge in turbulent forms of being, in your attempt to tackle the issue at hand. Maintain your equipoise; stay calm, regardless of the situation. In a calm, relaxed state, you allow your strengths to emerge.

Choose to be impartial towards your trials and tribulations, while at the same time celebrating life’s persistence in perfecting you in being the best you can be.

Giving loving attention to the environment in which you exist and refining your thoughts, words and actions daily, you enable yourself to transform your challenges in astounding ways. There is really no greater joy than excelling at being serene. So, make time daily to tame your dragons and harness their power to rise to the horizon and beyond.

What would you be like, if you started today to really make the most of the rest of your life?


Behram Ghista has been studying and practicing the Buddhist way of life since 1980.  Trained under various Masters in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Japan, he reminds his students – in an engaging and fun–filled way – that a magnificent life awaits us all.

But for us to experience such magnificence, we have to consistently choose the best within our reach – for bringing joy and enrichment to ourselves and others. With over 28 years of experience in motivating people to be the best they can be, Master Behram continues to make a profound difference in many people’s lives.

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