Highlights at Living Well in WA


Celebrating at Living Well in WA on the June long weekend. Visitors enjoyed meeting the exhibitors, attending free talks and seminars and the live entertainment on the mains stage.

Exhibitor Showcase: Thank you to all the exhibitors, performers, artists, authors, keynote speakers and all the people behind the scenes who contributed to the success of the event.


Relaxed Bliss: The meditation room was popular  – Thanks to Julian Silburn from Sound Alchemy who ran a workshop each day, Dorothy Coe from Echoes- Crystal Spiral Activation session, Steven North –  Heart Activation Experiential Sessions, Eesha Patel – Intuition Speaks Workshop, and meditation sessions lead by Anne Stewart – Mind Body Healing meditations, Gemma Colquhoun – Mindfulness meditation , Antonia Pizzata – Light in Me sound activation and attunement.


Main Stage – Great Entertainment – Bollywood Dancers and Kinetica Circus


Informative Panel Discussions with Keynote Speakers

The Art Gallery – Thank you to all the talented artists who contributed to the gallery display  and a special thanks to Kathryn Fritz who coordinated this area.

Kids Fun Corner The children had a great time in the kids corner with Kristi McMullan and Connie the Clown

We hope that you had a great time. We did!