Dream Job Leads to European Idyll


 By Renae Hardie Braovich

It was the trip of a lifetime! A breathtaking European idyll, and it was happening
to me and the love of my life simply because I’d found a dream job. 

Picture Paris, the Louvre, cruising the Rhone River, Avignon, the Camargue, Saintes-Maries-
de-la-Mer, famous for its gypsy gatherings: these were some of the magical and unforgettable destinations. The highlight, however, was in Provence at Young Living’s Simiane-La-Rotonde farm, learning more about the distilling process of the world’s leading essential oils. Afterwards we enjoyed lunch at a 13th Century castle, then we ended our adventure in Cannes, with a rooftop dinner, overlooking the French Riviera.

Only two years earlier, I’d been mum to a 10 year old, a nursing mum to an infant, wife and manager of a busy company. The demands were unrelenting, and I ran out of steam.

One morning my mind woke up, but my body couldn’t get up. “This is it,” I thought, “I have to change my lifestyle or I might not be here for my family.”

More restful sleep

Around that time my infant son was not sleeping well. Looking for a solution, I was introduced to an essential oil named Peace and Calming available from a company called Young Living. My baby began having more restful sleep and I became less sleep-deprived.

Looking back, I see how this one essential oil was a life changer for me. I began nurturing myself with nutritional drinks and supplements and other all-natural products: my optimism and energy returned.

Excited about what had happened with the Peace & Calming essential oil, I became curious about Young Living. I discovered that Young Living’s ultimate mission is to help others less fortunate around the globe.

I became a Distributor and my life changed for the better.

Positive career path

Infused with enthusiasm, I began spreading information about the best products of their kind in the world, driven by the ethical stance of the company. My commitment increased as time passed.

Young Living rewarded me with a trip to the US and an all-expenses paid trip to France.

Young Living offers a positive career path with the possibility of adventures, meeting incredible people who could become life-long friends and who love sharing their knowledge to help improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of others. I am happy to talk with anyone who would like to know more about ways to become involved.



Renae Hardie Braovich is an Independent Distributor #1615606 (Oils by Nature) for Young Living. Radio interview:http://101businessradio.com.au/2016/08/31/241-young-living-with-ranae-hardie-braovich/


Further information: www.oilsbynature.com.au

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