Shamanic Fire Blessing Ceremony


VICTORIA: 10 Feb 2017 at South Melbourne Life Saving Club, Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park. 6.30pm registration for 7.30pm start. WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Perth: 11th March. 6.30pm registration for 7.30pm start. Venue to be confirmed

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At the Fire Blessing Ceremony, your electromagnetic field will be cleansed and your karma burned away, opening up energy blockages in your etheric body,” Antonia said.

“With the annihilation of old karma comes a new beginning.

Spiritual awakening

“Aside from having amazing benefits for your physical health and your life, it will assist in your spiritual awakening.

“All who attend will leave with benefits, and there are some who need it more than others.”

Those who would benefit most would be:

  • People who have lost their passion for life
  • Children who are restless or have nightmares
  • Parents whose children suffer from nightmares
  • People with aches and pains
  • Those who wake up feeling life is too hard
  • People with disturbed sleep
  • People who are looking for joy in their life
  • People who feel stuck in life and have difficulty moving to the next level.

Antonia is a natural therapist and has worked in her Natural Stress Therapy clinic in the heart of Melbourne for more than 25 years. Her main focus is on holistic fertility management, which includes the use of Amazonian remedies.

In 1995 Antonia and her husband Klaus formed the Earth Healer Academy and they follow the Kayapo tribe’s understanding of Mother Earth’s relationship to all humanity’

Antonia has been a feature writer for a Melbourne newspaper and is the author of two books: The Game of Life and You Are Only Two Millimetres Away.

Antonia has studied philosophy and Behavioural Science, and holds a PhD in Philosophy. She is a certified Counsellor, certified Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certified by the American Board of NLP.