Feng Shui formula for success in 2017


 How To Benefit From ‘Flying Stars’

by Michele Castle, Feng Shui Consultant 

‘Time exerts a strong impact on your Feng Shui, your luck and destiny’


Applying your Flying Stars Feng Shui formula to energise the auspicious sectors of 2017 will help you have a successful and smooth-sailing year ahead.

As we move from one year to the next, energy changes, transforming from Yin to Yang, from element to element, from one animal sign to the next.


Depending on the ruling element and animal, from one month to the next the energy in the home as well as the energy of the occupants will change. Time exerts a strong impact on your Feng Shui, your luck and destiny.

Good Feng Shui cannot and does not last forever. It requires recharging with small, but significant changes every year. Energy needs to be refreshed, reorganised and re-energised. Spaces and places need rejuvenating. Energy must be kept moving.

The Flying Stars formula of Feng Shui is a technical approach that directly addresses the effects of time on the energy of homes and businesses, and holds a wonderful promise that enables you to improve your luck tremendously.

The best strategy is always to take care of the negative Stars first, then concentrate on boosting the good Stars.

Pay close attention to the sectors where your main door, living room and bedrooms are located. The luck present in the main door and living room sector affects everyone in the household, while the bedroom alters the luck of those who sleep in it.

If a bad Star flies in via your main door or living room, good chances are the home will be affected. How can you reduce the effect? If possible, during 2017, use another door or entry that has a positive energy. This will lessen the negative impact.

Let’s take a closer look at all the Star meanings.


In 2017 there will be the annual visiting Flying Star 4 over the North East sector. It represents love and romance, and people and academic luck. Mandarin Ducks along with the three Stars Gods, plants and fresh flowers are recommended for placement in this area.


In 2017 there will be the annual visiting Flying Star 6 over the North sector. It represents heavenly luck, power and authority. Metal décor items or Six Gold Coins on a red tassel, and Gold Ingots placed within this area, is recommended. A Horse will also assist.


In 2017 there will be the annual visiting Flying Star 8 within this sector. It represents current prosperity. Place any form of wealth symbolism such as a Buddha, Wealth God, Six Gold Coins on red tassel, or Gold Ingots, and a water feature or a picture of water in this area. Activate and use the area as often as possible.

 The Three Killings, which is a negative energy force, has also moved to the East. When disturbed, it tends to bring sickness and health issues, as well as confrontations. You are best to not sit with The Three Killings behind you. Instead, you should face them. It is recommended not to disturb this sector with renovations and as a cure, place three Chi Lin. The Chi Lin has the head of a dragon, body of a horse and scales of a fish.


There will be the annual visiting Flying Star 9 in this sector. It represents future prosperity. Enhance with any wealth symbolism such as a Buddha, a Wealth God, six Gold Coins on red tassel, or Gold Ingots. You can also place three stems of Lucky Bamboo in water in a glass vase. A water feature in this area will also be beneficial.

 North West: ILLNESS

The annual visiting Flying Star 2 will place itself over this sector. It represents illness. To counteract, place a Wu Lou, six Gold Coins on a red tassel, a Salt Water Cure and a Quan Yin.


There will be the annual visiting Flying Star 3 over this sector. It is a hostile Star, representing anger, conflict, frustration and possible legal complications. I recommend placing Fire energy in this area such as red piece of paper, or you can use any red décor object. If your front door is in this area I recommend placing Temple Lions and the Evil Eye symbol. Remove any excess water or plants.

The West is also where the Grand Duke will be located for the year. The Grand Duke is an energy point from the universe that’s classed as a god who should always be respected and never disturbed or confronted. It is strongly advised that you avoid any major renovations or any kind of earthmoving in this sector for the year and keep this area quiet. You can place a Pi Yao in the West to appease and assist this sector. But best not to disturb in the first place.


The annual visiting Flying Star 5 will be over the South sector. It represents bad luck, mishaps and obstacles. It is the worst of all the nine Stars. I recommend placing a Brass Pagoda, and a Salt Water Cure in this area. A Ganesh will also assist with removing of obstacles. Keep electrical equipment to a minimum and avoid the colours red and yellow. Try to avoid any major activity within this sector.

South West: ROBBERY

In 2017 there will be the annual visiting Flying Star 7 over the South West sector. It is a dangerous Star as it represents evil, robbery, past luck, betrayal, gossip, backstabbing and disaster. I recommend placing three pieces of Lucky Bamboo in a vase of water, and bright lights in this area, along with the Evil Eye Symbol, and one Blue Rhinoceros and one Blue Elephant, or two Blue Rhinoceroses for extra protection. If your front door is located here I also recommend Temple Lions. A Black Tortoise in this sector will assist with career and business endeavours.

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