Give Joy Space In Your Life


  By Dr Cushla Lovejoy PhD

 What comes to mind when you think about joy? 

Is it the moment of babies being born, or the excitement of birthdays and weddings? Or is it simply the joy of waking from sleep each morning, knowing you will experience a day like no other, for you have not experienced this day before? Is joy that moment of enlightenment when you recognise who you truly are, and you feel at home within yourself? Is it the feeling of having touched down into the space where your soul being resides?

To remain in the present, we can think about what is happening for us right now’

Joy is the place within that ignites the light in each and every one of us.  It is the flame that grows brighter the more we feed it.  Joy can be incredibly subtle, like the whisper of the breeze against your skin. It can lift you up or lull you to sleep.

How can we consciously and continuously bring more joy in our lives?


Be Present in the moment

Emotional connection and disconnection

I am Joy

Nurture your soul

Gratitude for all you have and are


Join in and participate in life

Open yourself up to saying yes to opportunities

You matter


Uplift your thoughts

Light up the life of others


Make the conscious choice.  Heavy or light, what is your decision? Is it joy?

Revisiting old hurts

A clue to whether you are experiencing joy is whether you feel present; whether your mind is settled in ‘the now’, rather than meandering through irrelevancies, such as revisiting recent or old hurts or arguments, worrying about what others think of us, or casting judgement on others.

Being present in the moment means not living in the past or pinning our hopes on the future.  Instead, we experience every moment and see it for what it is.  To remain in the present, we can think about what is happening for us right now. Are we safe? Are we happy? Do we have enough? Are we emotionally comfortable?

If we answer no to these questions, we can look for ways to improve our situation. Answering yes means we are able to feel emotional connection.

The emotions of others

Feeling joy will happen more often for those of us who make a conscious decision to disconnect from what isn’t ours. Are we enmeshed in someone else’s emotion? Does it concern us? It is too easy for us to take on the emotions of others that have nothing to do with us.

Through releasing those attachments to the emotions and problems that don’t belong to us, we are able to own ourI am’ energy: announce to yourself “I am joy, no judgment of self or others”.

We use up a great deal of our energy up when we are in judgment. There is a higher purpose for this energy, which is to nurture our families, our communities, the world and ourselves.

Through dropping judgement, we are able to see more clearly the beauty that surrounds us in this world. We appreciate our community and the efforts of those who offer service within it, from local council members to those who collect our rubbish. We can have gratitude for everything each of our family members do, and we are able to ‘let go’ of what they do not do.

Immersed in non-reality

There is a lot of life to live.  Go out and enjoy it.  Are you someone whose day is built around the timing of TV shows? Watching TV is a great way to disconnect from life, to become immersed in non-reality, and to put the hand brake on living a truly joyous life.  Is there real joy and sitting watching a screen?

There are so many so-called reality shows these days. The most fabulous reality show in existence is your life. Go live it.  Say yes to all opportunities out there; say yes to the love of life; say yes to the creation of something truly joyous.

Why should you bother? Because you matter. To feel fully joyous it’s important to own you truly are. You are the being that matters.

When you recognise the divine being that you are you stop living small and open yourself up to living large. Living small serves no one, least of all you.

Accept that you are important to yourself and others.

Whatever your connection is to another human being, you matter to them. Your connections to others may include a son, daughter, mother, father, sibling, friend, co-worker, boss, mentor, or an acquaintance.

A sense of inner peace

They may not tell you how or why you matter to them, yet you actually do. The question to ask now is do you matter to yourself? And further, do you have a sense of why and how you matter to yourself?

Through acknowledging that you matter you can gain fulfillment and with this a sense of inner peace.

Understand that there is nothing to do, nothing to get. You are whole and complete exactly as you are: you are okay.  We all have areas of our lives we’d like to see improved. Having entered a new phase of more joy, less judgment and release from errors of emotion, we are better placed to make conscious choices about which areas we would like to work on.

‘Thought processes that are wholesome, positive, optimistic, and touched with joy will affect those around you’

The energy of thoughts

Looking at our thought processes we can choose thoughts that uplift us every day.  Yes, we can decide consciously every day to be joyous or not.  So what is your choice going to be?

Thought processes that are wholesome, positive, optimistic, and touched with joy will affect those around you.  You can make a difference to everyone who comes in contact with you.

Most of us have walked into a room where there is feeling of a dark cloud looming overhead. The ‘vibe’ is bad. Have you ever wondered what the cause might be? It comes from the energy of thoughts of those in the room. In this situation, you can raise your vibration; raise your thoughts. Make the effort, and when others follow you into that room, they won’t feel that dark, heavy energy; they will feel a lightness of being.


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