Full Moon – January 31st Leo.
New Moon – 
February 15th Aquarius.Mars in Sagittarius Sextiles the Sun and Venus, trines Uranus and squares Neptune January 27th to March 18th.

When Mars is in Sagittarius people get angry, they feel like running and they try to avoid the situation by doing something else altogether. They don’t have a lot of patience to wait things out. This is where the restless and adventurous nature of Sagittarius comes in. The best means of releasing anger naturally is physical exercise. It will be tempting to have a number of projects going at the same time, however your vision and gusto may get in the way of completing what you start. Whilst Mars in Sagittarius can be playful and fun loving, however this is also a time when friendly debates can be taken too seriously and lead into conflicts and arguments

Singles – You are not going to want to be fenced in and may be a little hard to understand. There will be times when you will be extremely easy-going and love a good joke and a good time. Other times you will be on fire, intense and impassioned. You will abhor being fenced in. If things get too serious or dull you are likely to run away.

Couples – Your fun loving nature will turn to frustration if your partner does not agree with your grand theories or pokes holes in your plans. Be very careful of taking a moralistic stance that drives everyone around you crazy. Thankfully, it won’t take you long to jump off your high horse and to get back to having fun. Your lover will certainly appreciate your passionate nature between the sheets.

Career and Finances:
Don’t take any chances with money, keep to the tried and tested paths and don’t make any decisions that you have not really thought through properly. Legal or official matters may be difficult to handle, try to avoid tackling them until you totally understand what you are dealing with. A free and frank exchange of views is signalled by Mars sextiling Venus this is your chance to raise objections to daft schemes and make suggestions for better strategies.

Brimming with confidence you feel you could take on the world and win, never mind the duties already on your agenda. If you follow an overly optimistic path, you’ll be making a rod for your own back, no matter how confident you are, it is time to set yourself a sensible and practical schedule and to think things through. Also be very careful of riding roughshod over the feelings of other people during passionate debates as this will only lead to restless nights.

ARIES: March 21st – April 20thYou can make positive changes to improve your life this month as the Sun sextiles Uranus this aspect gives freedom of choice, with exciting new ideas and technologies to give you a happier, healthier and more enjoyable life. This is going to be a very busy and rather restless time for you. You will be taking many short distance trips and will need the freedom of your own transport. This is also the ideal time for mental exploration and you could decide to take courses at your local college. The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st will affect your life until July 12th and indicates that although your mood is carefree, the same can’t be said for either your partner or your family in general. Everyone in your close circle seems worried or pessimistic and you’ll have to do best not to fall into their gloomy trap. However, no amount of encouragement from you will break this somber mood, so avoid contact for a while and allow people to resume an even keel on their own. The New Moon on 15th will make you feel that you would like to be treated like a king or a queen and fortunately, your nearest and dearest will be happy to fulfill your regal dreams and demands. Lucky you! Stylish Venus encourages a fun make over.
TAURUS: April 21st – May 21stYour home circumstances are going to play a major role in your life, which may include a move of house, renovations or buying new furniture and fittings. Feelings of family loyalty will strengthen and you might spend some time researching your ancestry. The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st will affect your life until July 12th and indicates that a new love in your life may not be approved of by members of your family. The same goes for any business partnership that is set up. It’s time to make a decision about where your loyalties actually lie. The New Moon on the 15th conjuncts the Sun bringing the clarity you have been seeking in regards to your relationships. There is still much work to be done and nothing is going to improve overnight, however the outlook is much brighter and you are on the right track. All possibilities are on the table and you can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future. It is time to question your old habits and behaviors as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start career wise, you have a new awareness of what you want to achieve, so write your new goals down.
GEMINI: May 22nd – June 21stMars is in your 7th house and this indicates that your emotions will be strong which will cause you to over-react. You will find it particularly hard to be detached and objective and you will be surprised by the behaviour of your loved ones. The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st will affect your life until July 12th and it looks as though family troubles with your nearest and dearest are rife, they will be questioning your taste in partners, both personal and professional once again. Now is the time to stand up for what you believe in. Mars Squares Neptune and you should be cautious in relationships to avoid suspicion, deceit, lies and scandal. You may be so ready to protect someone that you are blind to their faults. On an intimate level it is necessary to avoid playing the field! The New Moon on the 15th indicates that a highly enjoyable time is on the cards as the planets combine to put you into an amorous frame of mind. Established relationships will benefit from a renewed closeness. If you are solo, this is an ideal time to find a soul mate. Jupiter sextiles Pluto and brings success through positive change and there will be a strong urge to make reforms on the professional front.
CANCER: June 22nd – July 22ndWork will be important to you and you could find that either your normal job becomes more interesting or that you make a change to something new and highly satisfying. You will fall into a sensible routine at work and may find yourself establishing good work habits. Your need for companionship will be increased and you will want to be loved and valued by someone special, but only true love will do. You will look for reassurance or more commitment. This is the ideal time for getting engaged or married. New relationships are possible for those who are single, but one night stands probably won’t attract you. You are more likely to attract those interested in long-term commitment. The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st will affect your life until July 12th and indicates that you may be feeling too sensitive for your own good. The slightest word that could be interpreted as criticism will cut you to the heart. This is especially true if a woman is the cause of your discontentment. In short, you will be feeling somewhat vulnerable. The New Moon on the 15th indicates that you will be urged to talk about relationships and shared responsibilities. It will help you make the changes needed to create more balance in your life.
LEO: July 23rd – August 23rdMars is in your 5th house increasing your involvement with children and younger people. Whoever you are, you will enjoy a more youthful attitude possibly joining in sporting activities and indulging your creativity. The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st will affect your life until July 12th and indicates that your emotions are going to take on a life of their own, you will feel more passionate in every way and even the most placid among you will become excited and enthusiastic about everyone and everything. Being more moody than usual, you could find yourself involved in a series of family arguments. In fact your home could become something of a battlefield. There will be problems with regard to your mother or other older females in the family and you will have to take extra responsibility for them in some way. Even without your intervention, you will find that events move themselves extremely quickly. Be very careful that you do not borrow money without thinking too deeply about how you will pay it back! The New Moon on the 15th indicates new family groupings may result from marriages, and divorce, if you have been in a relationship that has been long worn out you will find the courage to end it.
VIRGO: August 24th – September 23rdThis is a wonderful time for delving into the family history or for feeling nostalgic, perhaps an old photograph will trigger memories of a time when life seemed idyllic. If one of your resolutions was to explore your creative talents, it’s full steam ahead! You may decide to let your interior decorating skills shine. Your heightened intellect and self-expression give you the pragmatism and smarts that enable you to make great changes. The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st will affect your life until July 12th and indicates that life will be in the hands of fate and there doesn’t seem to be a great deal that you can do about it. There may be strange going on’s in the family and some aspect of your life is going to be insecure, making you rather emotional. You may find it difficult to face certain facts which confront you. The New Moon on the 15th indicates that a surprise turn of events romantically will keep you guessing. At work an ambitious project or plan will forge ahead and a cluster of extra chores will keep you busy. This is the ideal time to enjoy quite pursuits such as gardening, photography or film making. This is truly a time to recharge your inner forces by commencing a new health regime, starting a diet and returning to the gym.
LIBRA: September 24th – October 23rdYou may be confused as to why someone has given you what you thought was the green light emotionally only to pull the plug at the 11th hour. You mustn’t keep sending emails or messages as this will make you seem far too needy. Back of a bit and play a little harder to get, if that doesn’t work, it’s time to move on to greener pastures. The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st will affect your life until July 12th and indicates that you have a lot of business to conduct but not quite enough time to get it all done. Make sure your diary has enough room to accommodate all your appointments and tasks. If you are feeling worried about completing your assignments and doing a good job, you need to allocate more time to your studies. You may have swept some of your deadlines under the carpet just when you knew you had to lift your performance. There’s still time to get the tasks done. The New Moon on the 15th is the ideal time to demonstrate with small gestures just how much your loved ones mean to you. Show your appreciation and give in to a romantic impulse and let there be no uncertainty about the depth of your feelings. Also children will be insightful and delightful.
SCORPIO: October 24th – November 22ndWith the Sun moving through your domestic sphere of your chart this month it’s time to make some changes, this may involve a change of address or renovations. Family life is sure to take centre stage and you will relish in being the matriarch or patriarch and will feel content in giving loved ones advice and support. With your finances in amazing shape it’s the perfect time to organise a family holiday. The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st will affect your life until July 12th and brings unavoidable issues to the surface where your friendships are concerned, some of your closest friends may have some serious issues that they need your advice on. You may also have to deal with people whose views are biased or even bigoted regarding race, religion or sexual preferences. Be mindful that not everyone is as broadminded or straightforward as you are, regardless of how honest you feel you are better off sugar coating your statements and opinions before making your point. There maybe increased dealings with schools, colleges and churches. The New Moon on the 15th is the ideal time to make sure that your home and contents insurance policies are up to date and the figure reflects the value of your possessions.
SAGITTARIUS: November 23rd – December 21stIt is full steam ahead and although you crave excitement it is not going to be easy to enjoy all the social invitations offered, as work and duty must come first. Whilst you have a high level of energy and are assertiveness, it is important not to create a backlash from others. The Full Moon eclipse on Jan 31st is likely to affect your life until July 12th and indicates that you will be taking your relationships to another level and confronting one or two of your closest friends on issues that may have been bothering you. Mars is in your sign so I can’t rule out arguments where difference of opinions could get out of hand. You will need to control yourself even if they loose their cool. There will be some issues to deal with in your romantic life if you jump to conclusions, things are never are as bad as they seem and even if they are a little worse than you expect there are ways and means of approaching a situation and calmly working through them to a solution. The New Moon on the 15th indicates that your diplomatic skills are going to be called into action on the work front so that you can balance a rather difficult situation. Also there may be a journey to a place that you have a Karmic connection with.
CAPRICORN: December 22nd – January 20thMars is in your 12th house and you will need to rest up if you don’t you are likely to be laid up. A connection with hospitals or doctors is likely for yourself or loved ones. You definitely need to pull out the old box of postcards, photographs and other knick knacks and reminisce a little over coffee or lunch with a friend or close family member. You’ll be feeling very nostalgic and will want to make contact with an old friend or two. The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st will affect your life until July 12th, partnerships and relationships are going to be of paramount importance, whether you are at the dating stage or contemplating the end of your present relationship. Not all your relationships are going to be pleasant and there could be some major confrontations especially with women. Your emotions will be strong which will cause you to over-react. The New Moon on the 15th indicates that you will drawn into the world of business and it is a positive time to be keep in touch with current ideas and methods. You will need to present yourself in a stylish way in front of others, therefore your appearance and manner of dress will become more modern and interesting.
AQUARIUS: January 21st – February 19thHappy Birthday Aquarius! You will reach out and make changes which will set the pattern of your life for many years to come. If you have been experimenting with friendships and relationships during the past couple of years, you may settle into marriage. On the other hand, if you have been moving towards a potential divorce this is when you will bring it about. The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st will affect your life until July 12th, it will mean a transformation, rebirth and a redefinition of your goals both within and outside of the home. You will either make a fresh commitment to your present job or make a change to one that will stand you in good stead in the future. There may be births among your friends and family, unfortunately, a time of births astrologically speaking is a time of deaths and there may be a funeral or two to attend. Health or legal matters might enter your private life bringing a connection with the police or hospitals. The New Moon on the 15th indicates that your confidence will be on a real high and you will be absolutely sure that you are on the right path. A romance or relationship will begin to move in the right direction and you will have a real chance to sort out any misunderstandings.
PISCES: February 20th – March 20thThis is a time to establish good work habits and you will find reliable and efficient colleagues to work alongside. All this talk of duty and effort may seem a little dull, but the resulting rewards will make it all worthwhile. This is not strictly speaking, a great time for creative pursuits, but writing would work out well, especially if it involves specialised research and analysis. The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st will affect your life until July 12th and indicates that a connection with hospitals or health professionals is likely, either because you need treatment or people close to you may be sick. Your behaviour might irritate others as you will try to over rationalise everything. You must also guard against taking on unnecessary chores and then moaning to everyone about this. You must make time to rest and enjoy your life because you will be ill if you don’t. On a brighter note this is the ideal time for a trendy new hairstyle and to buy new clothes. The New Moon on the 15th indicates that any secrets around you will be secrets no longer, for you will be able to see straight through any deceit with little trouble. This should be an inspired day that brings out inner abilities you didn’t know existed.