Full Moon – August 8th Aquarius.
New Moon – 
August 22nd Leo.The Sun in Leo conjuncts Mars, sextiles Jupiter, Trines Saturn and Uranus
1st August – 23rd August. Mercury Retrograde in Virgo from August 14th – September 5th.

The Sun in Leo brings in a month when your worldly progress will achieve absolute priority. You will need to feel that what you are doing is worthwhile and has more meaning than simply paying the bills. You may feel the urge to change your career, to make a long-term commitment to a worthwhile cause or simply demand more recognition for past efforts. No matter how this ambitious phase manifests itself you can be certain that your prospects are considerably boosted during the month ahead. There are still lots of demands on the home and family front, but you also need some time to yourself. Too much interference from others will only result in you loosing your cool!!

Mercury running in Retrograde motion from the 14th indicates that confusion will reign and that life shall become a little complicated, it may even feel as if you are going backwards. This is a positive time to focus on clearing up past mistakes.

Singles – You have the ability to impress others and you will easily earn the respect of those who matter. You may be seen as the elder statesman of your group even if you happen to be young and or female.

Couples – You must use a measure of diplomacy in order to get what you want out of others. You may be tempted to remind your partner of their duties or to point out all those things that they should of done, but haven’t, but this approach won’t get you anywhere fast.

Career and Finances:
Energy unites with opportunity in August as the vitality of Mars combines with the luck of Jupiter. In work affairs, business dealings and financial affairs your luck is on the rise and there is very little you can not accomplish as things that once seemed impossible will now be within your reach.

The Sun in Leo will encourage you to concentrate on your health and well-being and that of your family. If you have been off colour, the Sun will will help to restore your health and well-being and if you have forgotten the name of your doctor or dentist, then this is an ideal time for check-ups.

ARIES: March 21st – April 20th

Mercury turns Retrograde on the 14th and communication is the name of the game, as this will enhance all your relationships. Although your mood is carefree, the same can’t be said for either your partner or family in general. It may be necessary to avoid contact with certain people for a few days and allow other people to resume an even keel on their own. On the work front this is an excellent time to get your hands on some equipment that will make you more efficient at your job. The Full Moon on the 8th falls in your friendship zone and a friend may be going through a difficult time or you may find yourself getting rather annoyed at the actions and attitudes of others. The New Moon on the 22nd puts the spotlight on your romantic affairs and an outing with a friend could bring you into contact with someone who sweeps you off your feet and opens your eyes to some amorous possibilities, suddenly the world seems to be a better and more fulfilling place. If affairs of the heart aren’t your particular cup of tea, a creative adventure suggested by a friend could provide the fulfillment you need.

TAURUS: April 21st – May 21stThe next few weeks should be a fun time with the family however, Mercury turns Retrograde on the 14th so expect the unexpected on the domestic front, if you have to deal with awkward, demanding children or adults who insist on acting like children, you will be able to defuse the most troubling of situations by the use of tact and diplomacy. The fact that you are still able to empathize with their point of view while still maintaining your own position of moral authority will be very important. The Full Moon on the 8th falls in your career zone making it difficult to get any sense out of anyone, therefore be certain to get clarity and check your work carefully before signing off on it. The New Moon on the 22nd falls in your domestic area and you have the heaven sent chance to pour oil on any troubled family waters. Take a back seat when a female relative makes it quite clear that she rules the roost. Tasteful decoration too is a focus of attention, and you may feel that your home could do with a lick of paint. Family members may drop in unexpectedly and may bring give you an unexpected gift which is extremely useful for you.
GEMINI: May 22nd – June 21st

There is no doubt that your mental powers are on top form, allowing your intelligence to shine, you are particularly persuasive now so you should be able to win even the most stubborn and entrenched person over to your cause. Mercury your ruling planet turns Retrograde on the 14th and you may feel slightly under the weather and something unpleasant such as a cold or a visit to the dentist may be on the cards. The Full Moon on the 8th indicates a need to take a great deal of care with legal matters and where other people are concerned. Be careful of what you may be letting yourself in for by agreeing to a course of action. The Sun in Leo indicates that you will be surrounded by friendly chatty people over the next few weeks. Life will be quite entertaining now with plenty to look forward to and you may be surprised by the antics of your family and it is your mother or grandmother who will be source of all the fun. You may hear some really unexpected news about these relatives. The New Moon on the 22nd is the ideal time to polish up your self image perhaps by improving your wardrobe or getting a more modern haircut. When important decisions need to be made at work be certain that your voice and opinions are heard by those that matter!

CANCER: June 22nd – July 22nd

Your financial affairs take an upturn owing to the Sun being in your money sector, the next month should see an improvement in your economic security. It may be that you need to lay plans to ensure maximum profit, but don’t expect swift returns from investments, it is important to keep the long term picture in mind. Sensible monetary decisions made now will pay off in a big way later on. Mercury turns Retrograde on the 14th indicating that some unexpected expenses or charges may suddenly arise so be certain to double check all bank statements. The Full Moon on the 8th indicates a need to pay attention to practical affairs that you may have neglected in recent weeks. This is not a time to cut corners or try to take unnecessary risks. Also do not let yourself be talked into anything that you do not want to do and don’t allow others to take money from you if you feel you should not give it. The New Moon on the 22nd indicates that if you have been waiting for something to be fixed at home or at work, then it will be. Frustrations will melt away as friends rush around to help out with all those minor chores which have been plaguing you.

LEO: July 23rd – August 23rd

Happy Birthday Leo! The year ahead sees success on many different fronts and with the Sun in your own sign you will make excellent progress. It is a good time for starting new projects, if you are looking for a new home then the right place will suddenly appear. With Mars in Leo it is time for action so if you need to get on the phone to make things happen do so, as you will achieve surprising results. Mercury turns Retrograde on the 14th causing confusion and your usual logical mind may feel as if it is full of cotton wool. The Full Moon on the 8th indicates that someone close is weighed down by worry and lack of self-esteem, your best course of action is to do something practical to increase this person’s confidence rather than just acting as a sounding post. The New Moon on the 22nd falls directly in your own sign and indicates that something new in your local environment will open a door of opportunity for you. You make take an interest in local politics, possibly to do with issues which would have a direct effect on your locality. Alternatively you may decide to present to the world a whole new you!

VIRGO: August 24th – September 23rd

With Mercury running Retrograde in your sign from August 14th you may feel like trying to fix things maybe a broken piece of equipment, or a relationship. You may have it all sorted out in your head, but that does not mean that things start to work in the order you would like them to. Also something could come back from your past in order to haunt you or to cause embarrassment. For example, you may of forgotten to do something or you may of done something in an inefficient manner, simply to save time or to cut corners and this problem now reveals itself in an inconvenient manner. The Full Moon on the 8th indicates that whilst you can be stubborn, you need to demonstrate a little flexibility with loved ones, so be prepared to meet others half way or even a little bit further if necessary in order to sort things out between you. The New Moon on 22nd indicates that a dutiful visit to the in-laws of elderly relatives is on the cards, you may dread the prospects, but it is not going to be half as bad as you think. In fact, you could learn something to your advantage.

LIBRA: September 24th – October 23rd

Your mental powers are sharp and this is a great time for being with other people friends, lovers and family will all be happy to share your company and to cheer you up. You will bring them just as much pleasure in return. With Mercury running Retrograde it indicates that you may of thought everything was going swimmingly, however there seems to be a spanner being thrown into the works! A partner, a lover or a close working associate could mess things up for you in a complete and utter manner. On the other hand, you may be blithely going up the wrong path until someone close to you points out just how misguided you are being. The Full Moon on the 8th indicates that though you are rarely tactless, it is appears that you have caused offence to someone close. It could be that the only way to solve these issues is to communicate. The New Moon on the 22nd indicates that someone may intervene on your behalf in a slightly unexpected or unusual manner. For those of you looking for romance, this is a good month to find it, and there will be no need to venture too far as it is in and around your local neighborhood that you will find it.

SCORPIO: October 24th – November 22nd

There is no doubt that this month will provide a turning point for your career and your aspirations which is all to the good. The splendid aspect between the Sun and Uranus encourages you to reach for the sky. You can do it and you will have the will and insight to make the most of any opportunity that comes your way. Mercury is Retrograde in your area of friendships therefore, you must use a measure of tact and diplomacy in order to get what you want out of others. You may be tempted to remind them of their duties or to point out all the things that they should have done but haven’t, but this approach won’t get you anywhere. The Full Moon on the 8th indicates that work pressure may be piling on, but the demands of your family grow ever more strident. The trouble is that you are so pressured at the moment you can’t work out the best course of action. The New Moon on the 22nd casts a glamorous influence over all areas of fun and excitement. You won’t be short of charm for a while and the energetic way in which you set out to enjoy yourself is staggering. Just be certain to allow time for rest and recuperation, otherwise you will be burning the candle at both ends.

SAGITTARIUS: November 23rd – December 21st

Connections with those far away or interstate is going to be important. You may also be making travel plans for later in the year. However, it’s important that you take time to rest. Try not to wear yourself out by partying or working too hard. The New Moon on the 22nd is in Leo and if you are involved in any career in the arts, beautification, entertainment or public relations, then you’re bound to do well. Those who work for women bosses won’t be doing badly either since a female influence in the workplace will aid your ambitions. Use diplomacy to solve any professional problems. Mercury turns Retrograde on the 14th so be careful when operating machinery especially if you use any of this directly or indirectly for work purposes. It’s best to double check all electrical equipment that is portable before using it. The Full Moon on the 8th warns you to be careful of what you say, you may try to tackle someone in authority, only to find that they he or she walks all over you. Therefore at work be careful of having foot in mouth disease. You don’t want to upset the boss or an important colleague.

CAPRICORN: December 22nd – January 20th

Should you think big or conservatively with a long-term financial or personal direction? Gather information, clarify your priorities, define your goals and you’ll find the best way forward. Domestic undertakings will have uncertain boundaries, get ready for them to expand as they go. A waiting situation will try your patience. A meaningful exchange or encounter will point the way with a changing relationship. Mercury turns Retrograde on the 14th and the difference with a friend or colleague could leave you fuming, as you seem to have met your match. Once you dig your heels in, you are virtually immovable , but this individual seems to be immersed in concrete. If you really need to win this argument, you will have to try some imaginative tactics. The Full Moon on the 8th indicates that you may be feeling insecure over your work situation, however don’t forget that your partner also needs attention and reassurance. The New Moon on the 22nd suggests a need for rest and relaxation and to stop over thinking. You know that you need to move forward in life, but be careful of worrying about all the minor details.

AQUARIUS: January 21st – February 19th

Fun outings and activities will offer exciting possibilities, but they’ll also call for practical decisions. A friendship that’s been slow to blossom will finally grow to the next stage and a secret wish could manifest. A reunion will be touching emotional chords, there will be issues of the past to reconnect with and to let go. There may be a situation where you feel you’re on the outside looking in. The Full Moon falls directly in your sign on the 8th making you somewhat hypersensitive and a friend may make an off-the-cuff remark which you find hurtful but the chances of it being deliberate are very slim indeed. Try not to take things personally otherwise you will wear yourself out. Mercury turns Retrograde on the 14th making it difficult to concentrate on routine matters. Therefore, make a list and focus on the most important tasks first. Otherwise you will find yourself getting nowhere fast. The New Moon on the 22nd falls in Leo and is all about work and relationships. A new chapter with another will offer meaningful possibilities, a family event will ask a lot of you and you’ll pour energy into being all things to all people.

PISCES: February 20th – March 20th

The Sun is in your work zone and a change or opportunity at work will increase your workload, but it’ll feature your talents in a dynamic light. A fitness, diet or health pursuit will require concerted effort. Labors of love for family and friends might prove demanding, but they’ll open the way to nurture or rebuild relationships that are important to you. You may also be need to support a cause you believe in. Mercury turns Retrograde on the 14th and problems to do with relationships may emerge and while some people consider you a little unapproachable, those who know you well recognize your bottomless capacity for sympathy. There is very little anyone can say or do that really shocks you. The Full Moon on the 8th indicates that you will have confusing options to weigh up on both your personal and professional front. Therefore, you need rest and a clear mind to make the best choice. The New Moon on the 22nd suggests a fresh start work wise. Try to see the big picture to guide you, before you can move forward there will be unfinished jobs to take care of. A heart to heart conversation with a colleague may bring some surprising news. On the health front a new diet will give you inspiration.