Channelled Reading with El Morya


By Claudia Lighter, speech channel for the higher realms and life-path clairvoyant.

Ascended Master El Morya comes to you all extending his calm and peaceful energy. He wears a white robe and he holds a staff in his hand.

He opens with: “You are all living conscious beings,” and he shows me a vast light going out from his crown chakra. He also shows me your crown chakras opening and God consciousness entering in and spreading.

Master El Morya shows me your energies connecting like a grid across Earth, bring peace, understanding and forgiveness to Earth. He is making me feel that each of you reading his channelled message are ambassadors for this light, and he wants you all to let go of feelings of unworthiness.

He shows me each of your souls and they are made of light, of purity, and he says: “You are far greater than you realise.”

Your life purposes

He adds: “You too are one of the higher souls,“ and he is making me feel you agreed to bring this energy here, at this time.

He holds up his staff again, showing me light bulbs along a path. They are lighting up one by one, and he says: ”Trust your life purposes will be revealed to you, one moment at a time.”

As he holds up his hands, Master El Morya’s final message to you is: “Feel the excitement for what is to come. You are worthy and the light shines within each of you: stand strong in that.”

He shows me that he wants you all to plant your feet firmly ‘in’ the ground, unwavering in order to create what it is that you want for yourselves.

Master El Morya ends with the words: “In Love and gratitude”.

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