Ascended Masters Teachings Revealed


Since 1958 the global, non-profit Summit Lighthouse has been publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

Ascended Masters are mystics and sages of the East and West who have balanced their karma, fulfilled their dharma and attained union with God through the Ritual of the Ascension.

During the past century these Ascended Masters have sponsored other organisations including the Theosophical Society and the I AM Movement. Thus progressive revelation is available to us by the Mercy of God, as revealed in this age to the Summit Lighthouse founders, Mark L Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Threefold flame of divinity

The fundamental principles of the Ascended Masters’ teachings include:

  • We are all Sons and Daughters of God
  • We have a threefold flame of divinity within our heart
  • We have a Holy Christ Self who is our individual guru, mentor and guide.
  • We have an I AM Presence (I AM that I AM was the name of God revealed to Moses).
  • We have the potential to Ascend back to God as Jesus did. This is the true Second Coming of Christ.

Science of the spoken word

The Ascended Masters’ tools for this purpose, include:

  • The gift of the violet flame released to us by St Germain to help balance individual and planetary karma.
  • Science of the Spoken word.
  • Rosaries released from the heart of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael. We are not hopeless in the face of difficult world or personal events. We can make a difference.

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