Channelling Amy – Heart Activation Music



By Steven North, musician, therapist, Amy North channel, and Heart Activation Music and Therapy founder.

During April 2015 life as I knew it changed with the conscious awareness and introduction to my beloved Spirit Guide, Amy North.

I clearly recall the moments that led up to this: I was experiencing an increasingly strong urge to discover the identity of my spirit guide. Previously, I’d been wanting to believe I had one, and I was trying to find my purpose in life.

My entire life changed

Before my introduction to Amy, on several occasions I’d felt as if someone was touching me on the arm, yet I was alone. I had no idea what this was and couldn’t explain it. The ‘entity’ – who I later learned was Amy – had also been showing of her presence through various readings I’d obtained, and I began to see a pattern forming. Signs were being shown everywhere. When I found a person offering a ‘Meet Your Guide Reading’, my entire life changed.

Amy informed me that the work we were about to start would focus around channelling’

So, here we are today: Amy and me, spirit and incarnate, twin flames, creators of Heart Activation Music and Therapy.

We are ready to step onto the main stage at Perth’s Conscious Living Expo with a group of keynote speakers to discuss the topic of ‘Connecting with Spirit’. This experience could not have occurred without the beautiful bond that is the spirit guide and incarnate connection, which each of us can activate.

Channelled messages are something I’ve always thought would be cool to do. When Amy informed me that the work we were about to start would focus around channelling, I was excited.

Together, our channelling helps people understand more about themselves and we achieve this result in various ways. The first approach we took was to channel a person’s spirit guide. We then embedded this connection into a crystal, along with their life path through direct access to their personal Akashic records. At times, the twin flame also connected. As one person described it, connection with the spirit guide was an experience “in high definition”.

We still use this – our first form of channelling – but it has expanded into other avenues. We’ve been channelling Archangels, Ascended Masters and Intergalactic connections into crystals. The idea of channel different planetary energies into crystals has now been presented to me and I will soon begin experimenting with this.

I’ve also been practising with voice channelling and writings with Amy, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, the Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and others.

During the developmental stage of my channelling experiences, I had another spirit guide in my ear who provided a new and exciting concept that would help the incarnate (me, in this case) with the work that spirit guides do.

The information led to the development of the crystal Microphone to the Universe, which helps psychics, mediums, channels and scribes with their work’

The information presented was astonishing and profound. It led to the development of the ‘Microphone to the Universe’ – an extraordinary crystal that helps psychics, mediums, channels and scribes with their work.

The experiences and exploration that Amy and I have shared together with this work is truly remarkable, and there have been moments when I’ve been in awe with what we’re doing together.

Binaural frequencies

One of the greatest life changing creations that we’ve made together has been the Heart Activation Music, which we launched to the public on 31 July 2015, the night of the Blue Moon.

Since the launch, we’ve been helping many people and their spirit guides all around the world, including ourselves. This work is something we hold special to our hearts because the music contains the energies of spirit, the consciousness of crystals, binaural frequencies, light codes and the energies of God source. Let us now explain what the Heart Activation Music actually is and how it works.

Amy and I create this work as a duo. Amy conveys coded vibrations to add to the sounds being created by me. These are messages of light, which help people walk towards the light of consciousness. In other words, we plant seeds so that the person can get curious about this and then focuses on discovering more for themselves.

During a channel session, commenting about the music, Amy said:  “It is called ‘Heart Activation Music’ because of the physical effects that it has on people. The energies within the music is filled with unconditional love and once this is felt within the heart, the walls that we usually have up around our hearts are lowered – and then the way can be opened up for many things. Things such as helping people living their life purpose, finding their twin flame (if they too have incarnated) or a significant soul mate, caring for others is another thing that comes in when the heart has opened and become activated. The music engages life purpose, true love, compassion, walking a higher path and raising the vibration of the planet.”

Amy added: “The music itself creates what is called  ‘sacred space’. It raises the vibration of a room and should be used in healing practices, and has been helping many with channelling that have been included in the experimentation stages. It also helps the person and their spirit guide with healing trauma that is held within the soul level and flows through multiple-dimensions. The Ascended Masters have advised this has helped countless numbers of beings, as the music doesn’t ever stop.”

On the 12th of October 2016, it was revealed that the Ascended Master Lady Nada, whose focus is on healing, truth, compassion and divine love, has taken great interest in the Heart Activation Music. This is because the energies in the music are filled with unconditional love.


We have been getting wonderful feedback from people listening to this music, meditating to it, feeling their heart chakras opening. In crystal shops, they’ve witnessed all of the crystals activating when the music is played. Many more extraordinary experiences reported to me support the concept that this is a blessed creation.

“I am so fortunate to be creating it with Amy.”


Finally, Amy has always said to other incarnates and guides whom we speak with: “If this is what we can create with our spirit guide-incarnate bond, what are you able to create with yours?”

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