Living Well in WA -Joins with Celebrate WA Day


The WA Day holiday always takes place on the first Monday in June and is now the focal point for encouraging state-wide participation in the wide range of activities and events that showcase the Western Australian spirit and our many achievements.  Living Well in WA will be one of the events taking place which will  showcase the leading businesses and organisations in WA  that are providing  healthy sustainable choices to improve the lives of families, children and seniors.

Family Health and Wellbeing is a major focus of the speaker program alongside an outstanding showcase of exhibitors with products and services to empower adults, families and children to take charge of their health and wellbeing. The Expo brings together world renowned  authors, health and nutrition experts and accomplished health practitioners.  Over the 3 days, the public are invited to explore a wide range of natural products and holistic services to help overcome obesity, diabetes, autism and ADHD,  allergies, bullying, anxiety, depression and stress related disorders.

Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in a dynamic program of inspiring workshops and seminars, as well as meet and greet leading authors and experts in education,  health and sustainable living. There will also be the chance to view healthy chef cooking demonstrations and sample organic food , as well as experience a range of natural therapy treatments , mindfulness meditations and source clean green eco-friendly solutions for the home and garden.

We live in the age of constant consumerism.  There is a “disconnect” between our modern way of life and the natural world. The multinationals have drawn us in with their quick click super highway market solutions that are often not really a long term solution and are not earth or people friendly.  There are many  eco friendly products  that we could be using to help make a difference to our personal  wellbeing and at the same time protect and care for our beautiful West Australian environment.

A major focus is on reconnecting people with the natural environment through West Australian plants and  food gardens. Exhibitors will also showcase  products and services for innovative enterprise and career opportunities,  personal and professional development, parenting and children’s education, creative arts and design.

Let’s celebrate Living Well in WA!

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