2017 Year of the Yin Fire Rooster


Conflict, Creativity and Success 

By Michele Castle

  ‘A Rooster year is often brilliant for those who have shown patience and worked hard to make their career, business or investment bear fruit’

A good year for making a fresh start, changing careers or relocating, the Yin Fire Rooster year will also herald conflict and insensitivity in civilized living.

 Because Fire conquers Metal in the destructive cycle, there will be disharmony and we can expect international conflicts. But the good news is this discord should be mild and we should expect easy resolution and co-operation. Violence should be less evident than in previous years and levels of hope much higher.

Politically, the energy of Fire melting Metal results in an electric and hot atmosphere so expect demonstrations from country leaders and large corporations to intensify. Migration will continue to contribute to an unstable political climate.

A Rooster year is often marked by brilliant success for those who have shown patience and worked hard to make their career, business or investment bear fruit.

The entertainment industry will fare well because of the Fire energy, with new celebrities emerging in greater numbers. However, these individuals will need to have real talent and integrity: if this is not the case they will risk losing their sudden fame by the following year.

Romance and passion

Relationship luck will be strong. If you are single, this will be a good year to start a new relationship. But a romance that grows strong might be cut short for reasons outside of your control. The Fire energy is definitely sentimental and passionate.

The Rooster shows an interesting blend of traits from being bombastic to logical, righteous and just. Yin Fire energy is like a flickering flame that is emotional and sensitive. Roosters can be fighting, fierce, proud and even foolhardy. Generally, the Rooster is unique in its energy in relationships and friendships.

Musical, creative, artistic, imaginative and inventive, Roosters can be dramatic in nature, a drama queen or king of sorts. Roosters can also be focused and very persistent, great talkers, debaters and negotiators. Direct and honest with others, they make great friends.

In 2017 the Yin Fire Rooster will bring much more balance and luck than the previous year – better stability, harmony, creativity and leadership’

Sensitive and vulnerable

The Rooster is sensitive to relationships, often vulnerable and tends to bottle up feelings. Roosters will rarely fight back, but when they do it is with full power. All these attributes will personify the energy of the year of 2017.

Everything in the Universe is represented by the Five Elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Interestingly we all have these elements present in our birth chart and they’re known as our Bazi, or Four Pillars of Destiny. The world also has a Bazi chart, which changes each year because it is derived from the date of Chinese New Year.

The 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster will take effect from 28 January, and this is the date used for the world’s Bazi-Four Pillars Destiny Chart. This information explains the energy that influences the world each year.

Luck, balance and wealth

In 2017, Yin Fire sits on top of Metal. On an energy level the Yin Fire Rooster year will bring much more balance and luck than the previous year with all elements being present in the current energy chart indicating better stability, harmony, creativity, leadership and better wealth growth.

The Dragon, Snake and Ox have favourable relationship opportunities in 2017. And despite the tension and imbalance that dominates the energy in 2017, the year is favourable for happy ever after and weddings – and don’t we all just love a wedding?

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