Art Therapy


 Train for a career in Art Therapy

Those of us who use art in therapy will attest to its remarkable power to heal.

Most humans are motivated to achieve a ‘feel good’ state. We seek out methods of regulating or improving our mood. Often this is a combination of cognitive and behavioural strategies done with full effort or concentration, in order to change a perceived uncomfortable state. Some people choose venting activities, some choose distraction and others choose consciously uplifting methods.

Art allows for an individualised process that can be a venting, distracting or positively focused activity.

We also know that engaging in art making can reduce high blood pressure and self-reported stress levels as well as enhance perceptions of control. It is no surprise then that many people, at various times in their life, engage in art making at some level.

Art Therapy enables a vivid imagining of a positive outcome and often gives great hope for the future.

Enhances quality of life

For the Art Therapist, the most privileged experience is in witnessing the journey of a client, from the initial visual representations of darkness and despair, to the blossoming imagery of a positive outcome, even when circumstances have not yet or cannot be changed. Creating this positive imagery frequently enhances the client’s quality of life.

Much of the research into art as a mental health tool has so far focused on the outcomes of engagement, with positive results, and thus we have evidence to support the use of Art Therapy.

A prospective Art Therapist should be dedicated to making positive change on both an individual and societal level, and will emerge from training with the creative, interpersonal and therapeutic skills to do so.


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