Spotlight on Native American Flutes

With the right tools and knowledge anyone can work with timber. But to create a musical instrument that reaches behind our facade and into the depth of our soul, well, that’s a gift.

Wolf Drum and Flute maker Graeme Hadfield began working with timber when he was eight years of age. This childhood pursuit led to his deep passion for wood and his connection with Native American culture.

For him, crafting Native American style flutes seems natural and through research and development, his Native American style flutes produce concert quality sound while maintaining a distinctive appearance.

Graeme’s ability to select a piece of timber and make it sing is well known. Like his drums, his flutes are crafted from his heart. He specialises in flutes made using rare Australian timber and burl from legally salvaged and recycled sources.

His flutes are noted for their high quality, playability, responsiveness and acoustics. All his flutes are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials.



Technically speaking

“All Wolf Drum flutes are made from solid blocks of timber and precision bored, not split and glued,” Graeme said.

“Technically speaking, precision boring produces a perfectly round smooth bore which is ideal for creating sound. This process also allows us to use highly figured and decorative timbers without a glue line on the side of the flute disrupting the natural flow of the grain. It also eliminates the risk of the glue line possibly splitting in the future. All our end caps and timber inlay work are done using accepted woodworking practises, not just glued on”.


 Flute timber

All of flute wood is from legally salvaged and recycled sources. Wolf Drums supports sustainable forestry practices. Burls are among the favourites with which to make flutes from and each piece of burl is hand selected. The preferred size and quality of burl is hard to find.

“If you have any doubts or questions about the use of burl timber for flutes, contact me,” Graeme said.

“I can explain the facts and dispel the myths surrounding the use of this amazing timber for flutes.”

Graeme’s knowledge is based on more than 50 years of wood working experience.

“Burl flutes are a highly specialised aspect of flute making and are truly unique instruments, quite often with exceptional acoustic qualities,” he said.

“Ask any professional wood instrument maker. Very few timbers can match them for acoustic quality combined with decorative appearance.”


 From the heart

For Graeme, making a Native American style flute is an expression of his heart and soul. He takes a piece of timber and transforms it into a piece of playable art, hence the Wolf Drum motto ‘Crafting Playable Art’.

His flute customers have some amazing stories of healing and transformation, the depths of which are truly heartening and honouring. Buying a flute from Wolf Drums is the beginning of a journey into your own heart and soul – musically, spiritually, culturally, and holistically.

Some decorative options are:  gemstone inlay, carved animal totem blocks, pyrography art (done by Graeme’s lovely wife Diane). Styles of flutes available are: standard flutes, drone flutes (double chamber), and harmony drone flutes (two playable chambers).

 Graeme Hadfield’s Native American flutes are made from sustainable and legally sourced rare Australian timber with a technique that produces concert quality sound. For many of his customers, they also produce spiritual upliftment.

Flutes are available for purchase and made for custom orders.


Contact details

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Online shop: www.wolfdrums.com

Ph: 02 4731 1019

FB: facebook.com/wolfdrumsflutes