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VeganRaw Cuisine…

is not a diet, but a way of living

Sach Cassini





The alchemy of food in terms of enzymes, bacteria and fermentation provide the body and mind with an abundance of biochemical information.

This information, received and processed by each individual, is what determines if a person will be healthy or not.

Health is multi-faceted. It is not only about the body for it also involves the way the body responds, runs, exercises, and its power and endurance. Health is also related to inner peace of mind, quality of thoughts and positivity of spirit.

VeganRaw cuisine takes care of the full spectrum of bodily health.



Our whole being naturally needs minerals, vitamins, proteins, fiber and carbohydrates. Vital minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium are found in water when taken at the source of a spring. Vitamins (vita means life in Latin) are found primarily in fruit. Fibre, which is paramount for correct digestive function, comes in fruit and certain exotic foods, while the best form of proteins in a vegetarian diet are from legumes.

The major poisons are processed sugar (white sugar), butter, white flour, coffee, black tea and alcohol, as well as processed food, additives (such as e-numbers, preservatives, stabilisers) and synthesised alternatives such as aspartame. For an excellent treatise on white sugar, I recommend reading Sugar Blues by William Dufty.


A VeganRaw cuisine does not mean you must go without, or eliminate anything from your diet; simply replace it. Delicious alternatives to processed sugar are honey, maple syrup, agave (sap from cactus), rapadura (dehydrated sugar-cane juice), or coconut palm sugar. Replace white flour with spelt or whole-grain flours, and butter with olive or coconut oils. Phase out coffee with green tea or roasted dandelion and barley alternatives (Teeccino is making excellent products in this area.)


Sprouted seeds and grains, grown in a jar by the kitchen window are the richest known source of naturally occurring vitamins. A mere tablespoon of alfalfa seeds will produce about one kilogram of sprouts. Other common seeds for sprouting are: mung beans; azuki beans; lentils; wheat, oat and barley groats; fenugreek seeds; mustard seeds; pumpkin seeds; sesame seeds and soya beans. Sprouts are a marvelous mini-forest of delicious nutritional power.


Fasting on raw juice instead of water is probably the single most potent short-term antidote to fatigue and stress available anywhere.


These are delicious and highly valuable for our health. Rich in enzymes and lacto-bacillus bacteria, the proteins they contain are pre-digested and therefore very easy for the body to assimilate.


The high iodine content in seaweeds is good for the thyroid gland (responsible for metabolic health) because it contains almost the whole alphabet of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.

Other nutrient-rich foods include all types of mushrooms, dried fruits, nuts, herbs and spices: the list is infinite.

However, there’s more to health than a great diet. An optimum lifestyle would include yoga, exercising, meditating, living close to nature, being in contact with sunshine, clean fresh air and drinking good water (not “city water” from the tap).

The ideal would be to grow your own food, either in your own garden or in a community garden, or join a movement that embraces a more alternative life. Many ways are available to us to improve and increase our knowledge, experience and wisdom of Food, Health and Joy.

We’ve heard it so many times, and it’s true: We are what we eat. Only your consciousness will make a difference, and not only to your own awareness of life and health; the happiness of this movement is creating the change for others to also enjoy a lighter, brighter life.

Cultivate a curiosity for what is different; change is a law of nature. 


Many books and websites are available to deepen our understanding of a raw diet. Excellent authors are: Leslie Kenton, The Raw Energy Bible, Gabriel Cousens, Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, Judita Wignall, Going Raw, Matt Amsden, Rawvolution, and Sarah Wilson, I Quit Sugar.

A few great websites to are:

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There are many inspirational VeganRaw cafes around Australia to visit, such as:

Kind Living Café, Maleny, Qld;

20,000 Cows, Lismore NSW

Santos in NSW

Earth to Table, Sydney, NSW

Lentil as Anything, Melbourne, Vic

Raw Kitchen, Perth, WA

Samudra, Dunsborough WA

Check the website for many more options

Have compassion for your health, for it is your ultimate wealth. Be responsible for your own longevity. At the same time, share your knowledge of food and healthy living with your children, family and friends.


This is now the watchword of all the life sciences and it is time we started applying it to health. The message is important: Humanity depends on each of our decisions! Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world!

The VeganRaw cuisine is automatically taking care of environmental issues. Nutrition can be an evolution to ending the cruelty inherent in mainstream diets and to restore the natural balance of peace.

Bon Apetit!

Sach Cassini is a Vegan-Raw Food Chef. Since 1994 he’s been hosting workshops and combing a passion for food with his extensive experience of detoxing, fasting and nutrition. He is part of a self-sufficient community in Tuscany, Italy, which is based on the principles of permaculture and biodynamics. He shares his time between Italy and Margaret River, Australia.