Braco’s Gaze


Braco’s Silent Gaze is Transforming the Lives of Thousands of People around the World

Up to 250,000 people a year go to see Braco. Last year, he received the Peace Pole symbol at a special United Nations community event in NYC in recognition of his 17-year commitment to helping people throughout the world and for the potential influence of his work upon the peace movement. People from Europe, Israel, Japan and the U.S. have attended group gazing sessions, and through live streaming people from Africa, Asia, Australia and South America, even Antarctica, have encountered Braco’s silent gaze: this gaze that many people feel is uplifting and life transforming.

For 18 years Braco has dedicated his life to a mission that ignites hope, offers help and support, and creates possibilities in the lives of people.  He started offering his gift of his silent gaze in Croatia and is very well known not only in Europe, but now in the United States, Japan, and Australia with live gazing events and also through live online streaming throughout the world.  He shares his gift through silent gazes, offering relief from life’s difficulties to the many people that seek his help.  Braco wishes only the best for people’s lives and is happy to share his gift to help them.  These gazings bring people into a field of possibilities, where they can allow shifts within their bodies and their lives.  As visitors feel, become open to and accept this form of help, it can establish renewed balance, health, peace and harmony to face all that life has to offer, as well as looking forward to the future in a positive and optimistic manner.  Scientists who have studied the phenomenon of  Braco’s Gazing report that it takes place beyond the level of traditional energy healing.