Start Your Own Spiritual Business


Many people start spiritual businesses passionate about sharing what they love doing with the world. For some, escaping the daily grind of a 9-to-5 job in an unfulfilling role is a fantasy they dream of living out. But before you jump ship, consider carefully whether you are really ready.The best students I have ever had who went on to do amazing things in a variety of fields assumed the least and worked the hardest. So, let’s start with the Seven Ps to making your spiritual business work for you. They are: purpose, planning, practicality, publicity, professionalism, presence, and personality.

Check your deeper motivations and current position with life. Look at why do you want to do this work. Write it up as a mission, including the intention you are setting for the business, how it runs, and what outcomes you want people to experience when they have utilised your services or bought your products. Build your own unique message surrounding the experience you are creating. This is your business identity and a large part of your business branding, and how clients will perceive you.


Consider right now, where you want to be, or see yourself and your business in five, ten and fifteen years. Daunting? It doesn’t have to be. Writing out your business plan can sound complicated, but it is simply your treasure map with intentions and numbers. It’s a manifestation tool for where you want to be, and within it are the logical steps required to get there. I find planning backwards helps best, allotting amounts of time to tasks and working them all backwards to now. Each task then has a timeline that is suddenly made easier to comprehend. Most of us use visualisation and manifestation techniques to see the desired destination before the steps are created to get us there; this is just a slightly more formal means of doing that.


Are you ready for an F word? Finance… What were you thinking I meant? It’s no good quitting the comfort and reliance of your day job on the promise you will be really successful without a single client on your books. Instead, work on building your new business in addition to doing your day job hours until you are so busy you can’t keep up with both. Challenging as it seems to do those kinds of hours, this is how much you could easily expect to spend working on your business each week in your first three years once you have left the day job to make it a success anyway.

Keep in mind that lots of little wins make success easier than taking a flying leap of expenditure with nothing supportive to land on. Steady steps allow for sure footedness, ensuring unshakable foundations. Your common sense, invention, adaptability, and grounding are the best friends and compliments to your intuitive dreaming. When you get all these aspects working cohesively and in unison, you can achieve anything.


A clear energy space is what creates that feeling of safety and sacredness that allows clients to feel nurtured and able to speak freely and openly with you, to allow real healing to take place. Being able to clear energy and create sacred space to work in is essential to being able to work with clients and sustain you while working in this field with the public. There are many techniques used and taught, the right ritual for you to use is one with which you feel really connected to and confident in.

Use clear, friendly, yet protective boundaries in dealings with people, as many sensitive people will be very open, sometimes looking for direction, sometimes ungrounded, and this can cause confusion in business dealings. It’s also important to remember that the universe cannot protect you from yourself. Be prepared to take some long hard looks in the mirror, and periodically review yourself from the client perspective. I also strongly suggest having a small group of trusted, supportive, grounded, and self-assured friends who are not afraid to tell you if they think you are off with the pixies. Reality checks and alternative insights don’t harm true friendships. A handy tip here is that your intention and purpose in doing this type of work is your strongest protection of all.

Public Relations

Promoting and advertising your work is a good way to build awareness of your brand. However, it is the reliable delivery of the service or product that builds and sustains public confidence in the brand. It takes time for the community to come to trust service related businesses to the point you remain employed full time.

Your credentials take time to build. But reputation is never as important as your character, because while reputation is what people think and say you are, character is who you truly are. Building a good connection to clients and caring for their needs makes you immediately approachable, reliable and trustworthy. They see, feel, or sense this in you. This affects their purchasing decisions.

Loyal clients refer you to others and even attest to your skill, if it is questioned at any point. Awards and recognitions also build your reputation and credentials, but it is the work you do each and every day with each and every client which goes into receiving acknowledgement, ensuring your work continues long after the gloss has worn off any trophy you might be granted.


Consider what your desired client outcomes are, and the ethical standards you want to work and live by to deliver this. Think about how you want to be known as conducting yourself. Look into different professional associations to find out if any resonate with you and your field of work. Writing out your own ethical code and standards can reflect back to you valuable information about how you see yourself, your work, and your field, helping you to develop even more.

Over the past three decades, I have had the privilege of meeting, interviewing, and working with many leading people in my field as well as people with global success in a range of other fields. What they all had in common was an amazing work ethic: they didn’t just dream things they got on with it. They didn’t wait for their guides to do it for them, although in many cases it was clear they had consulted them regularly. They demonstrated deep, strong, driving purpose, sustaining their belief in what they were doing through all kinds of highs and lows. They were all completely wrapped up in the belief in what they were doing, and that was what they ate, slept, walked and talked. I noted that they were not wrapped up in their own press hype, nor did they waste energy on negative talk about others. They just didn’t have the time, because what was important to them was getting on with their purpose, which happened to be their work.

It’s also good to remember there is a pearl of wisdom in every experience. For example, if you believe you are the message instead of the messenger, you lose sight of purpose and the goal. Also keep in mind that if you focus too much on others, you will have no room to focus on your own work. Every minute you spend thinking about what someone else has or does, is one more minute lost in productive time for your business that you cannot take back. Use your time and energy wisely.

Being Fully Present

Every now and then, take time to take time. Sit back and reflect on your work to date, and where you are going next. Doing this allows you to plan and run your business, preventing it from starting to run you, a cause of many people burning out. The wheel of fortune is always turning, so a good work life balance helps you reset your goals, putting you back in touch with what is important. It helps you gain new energy, insight, and ideas. Success after all is not only about how much money is in the bank, it is also about how you have touched lives, especially those closest to you.

Being fully present for clients means there are some situations, such as immediately after a major trauma or natural disaster, in which all you can do is be there for the person and listen, rather than answer. This can mean holding the space and allowing them to express, finally letting go in some of their most trying times in life.

Being compassionate in how you deal with difficult questions and areas is a large part of the work. Counselling training is always a helpful training for psychics and healers, the job is about being sensitive to clients’ needs, worries, desires, but also realistic, and honest. Handling difficult questions like death, divorce, legal and financial problems can also come up. There are guidelines for handling such situations, which is why many psychics and mediums do formal training, and create their own code of ethics, or join an association. Courses are available for psychics and healers to learn how to safely and responsibly deliver a message, after also having properly discerned what the visions, impressions, and feelings actually mean, accurately and helpfully.


Knowing yourself is vital to success. Your business is most successful when everything you do is true to who you are, and if you have taken the time to know your facts. Through learning by taking a slightly slower and more in-depth road, you will then do things once and properly, achieving a more direct, clear, enjoyable, and defined route to your destination.

Listen to your heart, and only do to others what is helpful, not harmful. Remaining open to learning new things about yourself and your field will help you find the right path for you.

As always, I wish you good luck, love, and light on your journey.

Jacquelene Close Moore, award winning sixth generation psychic, medium, healer, and visionary artist has joined Conscious Living as a regular columnist.

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