A Rich Life



You’re the one you have been waiting for! You are so much more than you could ever dream. What do you choose for yourself? How will you achieve this? Why would you choose more abundance in your life?

Creating more abundance financially and in your personal life starts with the magical key of gratitude. Gratitude is the key to abundance and personal alchemical transformation.

Material abundance is essentially a reflection of an inner state of abundance. The level at which we feel abundant is typically in place by the time we reach four years of age, and this will continue to shape the life we lead, unless we take fundamental steps to alter that course.

There can be times in our lives when we are moving toward our inspired vision of achieving a dream or goal, holding strong and steady and manifesting financial success. In these moments we feel in flow with the universe and life is good as we view the world as our oyster.

Then there are times when life provides a left curve and our experience is very different. We may feel we have lost ground because of our financial state, while trying hard to keep ourselves afloat financially, emotionally and socially. This is when we have the opportunity to review and to make new choices. It is also a wonderful opportunity to ask: “What did I learn and how can I turn this experience from a disaster into a blessing or success? What simple steps can I take, and who can assist me?”

Infinite abundance

Do you believe the universe is infinite abundance? If you focus on lack, she will honour your choices and you will receive lack. If you are grateful and focus on the wonder of all you have in your life, the universe will honour your choices and abundance will continue to flow in all areas of your life.

What you think about the most is creating your reality. Believing that your needs are not being met, believing you don’t have something will sabotage everything. Even if opportunity comes knocking you won’t see it, and will allow yourself to fall into the trap of lack.

Wisdom and awareness

Look for the gifts in any challenging experience that has stretched you way out of your comfort zone. Accept with gratitude the new wisdom and awareness this experience has given you. Recognise that whatever you invest your energy into becomes a reality, and identify how you can do things differently.

With this understanding, gratitude becomes the key that opens the door to your future success and a better life. It allows you to banish the false belief of being a victim, or other old ideas that are not working for you.

When you uncover any limiting beliefs that you are not worthy or capable, immediately and consciously release them. This allows you to live an enriched and abundant life on all levels of your being. You become more capable of giving back to society – and our beautiful planet – in your own unique way.

It is possible to build self-determination, worthiness uniqueness and belonging. Taking powerful and positive actions will enable you to step up into your full potential of financial and personal success.

Recognise that while you are your own financial saviour, a mentor can put you on a course of constructive actions leading to stability, security, success and inner peace.

DEBBIE SEATON, Wellness Coach and Mentor, author of A Spiritual Budget 7 Steps to Financial Freedom. For further information: www.aspiritualbudget.com