July – Time to Dissolve Fear and Arrogance


As an astrologer, I often think of solar and lunar cycles rather than chronological days of the month. When I think about the astrology of July, I think about Cancer season and the Cancer New Moon on June 28. The symbolism in this New Moon is too rich to go unnoticed, and as we look at everything else happening this month, we can draw from the symbolism to define what it all means.

First, we have the planets from Mercury to Saturn on show. They’re visible in the pre-dawn sky. When planets are visible, they command our attention. They are far enough from the Sun to be visible, meaning they can stand independently. The Sun represents our conscious will and ego structure. In that case, we can think of this as a time when we’re willing to dissolve fear or arrogance (two of the ego’s favorite things) for the sake of the highest good in our relationships, career, and spiritual path.

The planets are all rising before the Sun. This influence strengthens Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Still, it weakens Mercury and Venus, which could mean we need to prioritize communication and make genuine attempts to harmonize discordant conversations and spaces. Venus as a Morning Star shows we may lead with our emotions but can overcome adversity faster because we’re more resilient. We’ll see this until July 16, when Mercury again takes its place behind the Sun.


Cancer is symbolized by the crab, the soft-bellied marine arthropod with a hard protective shell. The crab also has these little pinchers, and it makes sense! Their soft bellies need protection.

Likewise, Cancer has a reputation for self-protection, only showing its soft sides to those with whom they feel safe. In my experience, when you earn the love of a Cancer, those crab claws don’t let go. They are loyal.

Cancer is also ruled by the Moon, the most changeable of all heavenly bodies. The Moon changes signs every two and a half days. The Moon’s gravitational pull is so strong that when it lines up with the earth and Sun, we see a greater incidence of earthquakes and volcanoes.

The sign of Cancer has this kind of quiet strength – a power reserved for the experiences most worthy of the effort. Like the changeable Moon, the sign of Cancer ushers us into a creative process. We learn to ebb and flow with the phases in our own lives.

The Cancer New Moon on June 28 interests me because of its conjunction with Black Moon Lilith.


Black Moon Lilith represents the seat of desire and the embodiment of the sacred feminine (regardless of our gender). The wildness in us connects us to nature and encourages us to be free from oppressive systems or controlling relationships. It is our hunger for experience.

It’s named for the mythological Lilith, who refused to be subservient to Adam. She left the Garden of Eden, and her punishment was to lose her children. Her symbolism links her to themes of liberation, magical power, and nature. It’s also connected to the loss of babies.

I think about this in terms of the recent Supreme Court hearing. Black Moon Lilith, the Sun, and Moon square Jupiter in Aries. Eris is the dwarf planet associated with disruption for progressive change. Eris is conjunct Mars and both square Pluto. This New Moon illuminates any forces of oppression in our culture that have patriarchal and misogynistic roots. Lilith and Eris are right there with their calls for action and disruption.


After that lunation, we start July with fireworks as Mars in Aries squares off with Pluto in Capricorn on the first. This testy transit calls up any resentment brewing beneath the surface. We have short fuses, and it’s a good reminder that anger is a force for change, even if it doesn’t look pretty.

Mars leaves its home sign on July 4 and enters Taurus, where the passion planet doesn’t have as much vivacity. We could have a bottleneck of frustration throughout the month as Mars moves closer to the North Node and Uranus.

Mercury moves into Cancer on July 4. We’re likely to have more emotional and intuitive responses to what’s happening in our lives. With Cancer season’s festivities, like reunions or family road trips, you might want to remember to cut your loved ones some slack and ask them to do the same for you.


July 11 is a date to mark on your calendar. The United States has its second exact Pluto return. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, and Pluto transits lead us to let go of people, places, and things we never imagined we’d be without.

Pluto’s return portends a cycle of death and rebirth for the country. We’ll feel like we are moving through the underworld, seeing the light and dark without many gray variations. We can see a polarity unlike what we’ve seen before. Is there any way our country is going to be united again? The answer might be no. There’s something new being born that requires dying to the way of being.

Pluto was in Capricorn during the American Revolution. At the time, religious freedom and no taxation without representation were themes. How are these coming full circle right now?

The Full Moon on July 13 It’s a powerful lunation that invites us into ritual magic. I think of the Capricorn cancer axis line as one focused on giving birth to desire. You blend receptivity (with the Cancer Sun) and focused effort (with the Moon in Capricorn). The result? Climbing steadily toward creative fulfillment while being open to receiving the flow of goodness into your life.

On July 16, Mercury stands in the heart of the Sun, burning through limiting mental constructs. We are ready to kick obstacles out of our way, though that process requires inner-child healing with Chiron going retrograde on the nineteenth and the Sun opposing Pluto that same day. It would be a good day for a refreshing break or retreat. Wearing your heart on your sleeve could prove difficult.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22 and shines brightly through the end of the month. The Leo New Moon on July 28 features Jupiter stationing retrograde. Leo’s prominence in our sky story shows a wave of confidence to outwit any imposter syndrome or insecurity. You’re ready to shine even brighter, my star. So, hold your head high and paint your next masterpiece.

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Do you know how many astrological references are held in the etymology of the words we use? For example, the word revolution dates back to the 14th century, and it was used in reference to the rotation of celestial bodies around the Sun. How fitting that we see similar astrological themes each time we move through a period of revolution, and we’re living in those times right now. On July 11, Pluto stands in the same degree of the zodiac it was during the American Revolution and the birth of this country.

You were born Aries, the sign of the warrior. It would be tempting to let your passions rise over trifles this month, but I encourage you to preserve your energy, so you have an abundance to dedicate to activities that feed your soul.

On July 4, Mars ambles into Taurus, causing a sudden realization; the momentum driving you forward has not been sustainable. From now to August 22, move at a steadier pace.

Brilliant Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, has been in your sign since May. Have you felt a flow of optimism and invincibility? As Jupiter stations retrograde on July 28, you could manifest long-held intentions. Jupiter’s movement backward gives you the chance to revisit old dreams, and even the ones you haven’t uttered aloud can come to fruition.

Family visits and reunions delight your days as the Sun moves through Cancer up to July 22. On July 13, the Capricorn Full Moon highlights your professional life in ways that could be positive for your bank account, but you could struggle to stay focused until after July 19. Lean into the mystery of how all the pieces come together.


TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20): 

The movies that leave us on the edge of our seats have a series of challenges that build-up to the climax. Conflicts make things more interesting. Your life story has been full of exciting twists and turns, too, and while you may wish to slow things down, Uranus, the planetary change agent, meets the North Node destiny point in your sign on July 31. Are you ready for more thrills and surprises?

You might be asked to commit to something or someone on your path to activating your purpose. The irony with commitments is that they’re often exact manifestations of what we’ve desired, but they require compromises. Permit yourself to linger in indecision if you’re not ready to sign the contract or seal the deal.

The Full Moon on July 13 is a clarifying lunation that helps you answer questions about the feasibility of long-term plans. It is one of the most practical lunations this year when you take off your rose-colored glasses. What power in the truth!

The Sun shines in Cancer until July 22, brightening your connections in your local community, making this an excellent time to host neighbors for a party or find ways to become more involved.

We’ll all feel more expressive when the Sun enters Leo on July 22. The Leo New Moon on July 28 is an excellent time for rekindling connections with friends. If you want to plan a getaway with friends, set your dates for the last part of the month. Additionally, do something luxurious for your mind, body, and soul– this could be a spa day, a glamping trip, or a visit to the botanical gardens. Celebrate beauty, Taurus.


GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20): 

Your curiosity leads you to crave new experiences, which often manifests in you trying new things, switching jobs, or working on multiple projects simultaneously. However, this month, you try a different approach. Instead of celebrating the hustle, take your time. Maybe get some rest. As Mercury enters Cancer on July 4, your mind steadies into a slower gear and relies on intuition as a guide. You might make decisions based on your first reaction instead of your list of pros and cons. Trust yourself, especially on July 16 when Mercury meets the Sun.

The planet of impulse, Mars, is in the slow, steady sign of Taurus, helping you refrain from making a rash, impulsive decision. You’re practicing patience with the Cancer Sun and Mars in Taurus this month. Mars moves into your sign on August 20, and you’ll feel fired up and more passionate than usual. Until then, take a few precautions by finishing unfinished business, clearing unresolved conflicts, and acting with integrity.

Jupiter in Aries energizes your social life and brings good luck for connecting with communities and networks. As Jupiter moves retrograde on July 28, it allows you to revisit a professional decision you made early in the year. Reflect on this question:

If a benefactor were to come into your life right now, what idea would you pitch to them? 

There are angels among us all the time, and if you attune yourself to the frequencies of generosity and love, one of those angels might come through with an offer for you. You’ve got this!


CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22): 

As I start your horoscope, I’m aware of a puff of clouds above. Do you ever look up to see pictures or symbols in the tufts of the clouds? Amazing how two people can see different things in the same cloud. What a perfect metaphor for your birthday month! Our lives are defined not by what happens to us but by our perception of those circumstances. The Sun is in your sign until July 22, pulling you into nostalgic birthday bliss. On July 16, messenger Mercury is in the heart of the Cancer Sun. You can rekindle memories in a way that clarifies the unknowable questions. You can give your life a new definition.

This month starts with fireworks as Mars squares Pluto on July 1. On the one hand, this transit super-charges your career interests. On the other, it indicates frustration with the status quo. Take a stand, but don’t push against resistance.

The Capricorn Full Moon on July 13 signals a relationship breakthrough. Venus challenges Neptune on July 14, giving you holographic vision. You’ll see which relationship dynamics are projections of family patterns or beliefs. When Venus and Neptune dance, we can move from the throes of love to the pangs of disappointment. Ride the waves of emotion – all of them– and let tears fall through laughter.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22, and it’s all business from here. Jupiter goes retrograde on July 28 – the day of the Leo New Moon. You’re fired up to make money or advance your career. On July 31, free-spirited Uranus meets the North Node, and you can cut any strings tethering you to an old way of being. It is the dawning of a new day.


LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22): 

I’ve been thinking of the eye of the needle, the metaphor found in the Talmud, New Testament, and others. Some scholars believe it refers to a narrow gate used to enter Jerusalem. Saturn transits have the same feeling and effect as taking a camel through the eye of the needle. We undergo rigorous tests and must release baggage to pass to the other side. With Saturn retrograde in your opposite sign, you’ve felt this pressure, but I assure you, that you will meet life’s challenges with the courage of a lion.

Despite Saturn’s steady influence, you celebrate some joyful moments this month, especially if your birthday falls at the start of Leo season. Responsibilities give way to relief, which comes in doses throughout the month, especially with the Leo New Moon on July 28.

Jupiter is in Aries, the sign of the pioneer and adventurer. What excitement would you like to experience? If you have work travel planned, add a few days for relaxation.

The Sun is your sign’s ruler, astrologically representing the conscious will – the I AM principle. So, you need light for spiritual and physical reasons. It’s even more important after July 22.

Relationships take on a more relaxed tone with Venus in playful Gemini until July 17. Your sign is the sign of leadership, it’s true, but it’s also a playful sign. Play is an effective way of learning and keeping our minds sharp. It also helps foster connections. Therefore, consider playing a part in your spiritual practice.



You spend much of your life helping those you love, volunteering for your favorite cause, and more. Your energetic output is admirable, as is the selfless way you serve. This month’s astrology gives you the chance to celebrate your contributions, and it comes with recognition from others to see the significance of your kindnesses. Soak up the gratitude.

The Sun is in Cancer until July 22. The season’s activities and social introductions inspire new or renewed visions for all you’re creating. You never know; you could be someone’s muse without knowing it. So, don’t be afraid to showcase your talent in whatever ways feel right. Launch a social media campaign for a project, for example. Any PR outreach will not be in vain when you share your authentic voice, especially if it’s a little edgy. Start on July 16 when Mercury meets the Sun.

Mars enters Taurus on July 4. Think of this transit as fuel to the fire. You have extra bandwidth for passion projects, competitions, or physical activities. Plan a hike or pitch a bold idea under the Full Moon on July 13.

When rumblings about economic fluctuations stir in the collective, remember some antidotes to fear: heartwarming experiences, breathtaking beauty, or personal triumphs. Let those be your priorities to keep insecurity to a minimum. The Sun enters Leo on July 22, and the Leo New Moon on July 28 shows the availability of divine guidance.

Approach the world with curiosity and wander into bookstores, coffee shops, and other new destinations. What treasures you could uncover in spontaneous conversations with strangers! Try these tips to stay fresh in your creative work and young at heart.



Never underestimate the strength of a Libra. You may show grace, tact, and diplomacy, but you are a warrior in defending truth or pursuing justice. This month, keep that in mind. If you feel tilted out of balance, find your center point by journaling or talking things out. If you’re more distressed about global concerns, turn off the news and spend time in nature, especially around the Full Moon on July 13.

With your Sun in an intellectual air sign, you’ve perfected the art of mental gymnastics, contemplating what you should or shouldn’t have said in any situation. Therefore, meditation and mindfulness practice are beneficial from July 4-19, when Mercury shines in Cancer, blending the thoughts of the head with heart-centered feelings.

You’ve reached a pivotal moment in your professional life, and you now face decisions. The pros and cons of these decisions may have equal weight, making it seem there are no perfect choices. In those instances, let your intuitive heart take the lead.

Mars moves into Taurus on July 4, but not before it sets off a few fireworks in your opposite sign, Aries. Do you need to clear the air with someone? Is there an unresolved situation? If so, work to restore peace in the first weeks of July.

Venus moves through the playful sign of Gemini until July 17, casting a light glow on your love life. Revel in the spirit of playfulness by making time to do things just for enjoyment with your partner. On July 22 Sun enters Leo and energizes your social life, making the end of the month a time to make memories you’ll cherish for years to come.



The beams of the Cancer Sunshine a clarifying light on a suspicious circumstance. You can rely on your intuition to know what’s true, but only by turning the volume down on mental chatter. I recommend taking time off on July 13, the day of the Full Moon. Unplug and reconnect with your guiding inner voice.

Exciting shifts are happening in your work. On July 4, Mercury enters Cancer, amplifying your creative faculties. This influence enhances your ability to understand the big picture without being bogged down by the minutia. Watch for directional signs from the universe, often as subtle as whispers.

On July 19, Mercury enters Leo, paving the path for the Sun to enter that sign on July 22. Remember, you’re going to be “too much” for some people, but don’t let that prevent you from loving big, pursuing your passion, or sharing your art with the world. The Leo New Moon on July 28 wants grand gestures and dramatic shows of affection. Will you disappoint the universe? I hope not!

On a more practical note, if you have a home renovation or gardening project, Venus in Cancer makes the process more enjoyable after July 17. It is also a time for visiting loved ones and sharing heartfelt conversations. In a capitalistic society, it’s easy to relate purpose to our work in the world, but for you, it’s more about how fiercely you love. Keep this in mind on July 31 as change-agent Uranus meets the North Node destiny point in your opposite sign. If questions arise about which path to take, always choose the way of love.



This month you revel in life’s mysteries, contemplate philosophical questions, and turn inward for deeper reflection. Perhaps it’s because of a slower pace with more time to spend with loved ones or have a time of retreat to start a writing project or spend time in meditation. You’re in a profoundly creative period of your life that requires you to stand still. I know that’s no small feat for a Sagittarius. So, create space and make time, especially under the Full Moon on July 13– a practical Capricorn Moon.

At the start of the month, be single-minded in your efforts to do brilliant things. In other words, anything you create right now will take time to manifest, and when it does, you will appreciate your focus. Take your time with each step of the process, and you’ll see positive outcomes with the Leo New Moon on July 28.

After July 22, you may be invited to travel. Say yes to the call. If you encounter delays, relax and stay in the moment. There are always reasons why things happen as they do. On July 28, your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes retrograde, and you could encounter some tests on your path to adventure.

Venus shines in Gemini until July 17, making romance a theme at the beginning of the month. Gemini is a playful, lighthearted sign, and it introduces some surprises. The Leo Sun adds to the excitement, especially when it moves into an aspect with Jupiter on July 31. Imagine what’s possible and live into that vision in the present moment.



Saturn is the planetary parental figure and the inner voice of the critic. This month, it’s applying pressure on your finances, and the influence requires you to sit down, work out a budget, and make cuts if necessary. It’s no surprise we have had economic hiccups in recent months. Saturn’s role is to help you move beyond fear into freedom, but you must work for it. On July 12, Venus meets Saturn in a harmonious trine aspect, making this a time of commitment to financial well-being.

Love could surprise you this month if (and only if) you’re open. The Sun shines in Cancer until July 22, and you could be more aware of the relationship between expectations and outcomes in love. We easily slip into predictable patterns in our closest relationships, but you can change things on July 13, when the Capricorn Full Moon stretches your heart muscles. Love yourself enough to change any defeating thoughts about love. Fortunately, Mars is moving through Taurus, motivating a desire for a stable romantic connection.

Speaking of stretching, Uranus meets the North Node destiny point on July 31, and this influence pushes the limits of our comfort zones. For you, it pulls you to create something real and lasting– to give birth to an idea or start a family.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22, and the New Moon on July 28 encourages you to look at how you can become more comfortable asking for help. Open yourself to receive, and goodness will flow to you in surprising ways.



You were born under the sign of the rebel and revolutionary. (Read Aries for some extra inspiration.) Being a rebel means:

  1. You may have insecurity about not fitting in.
  2. You were born to stand out – to be a unicorn.

This life path comes with some opportunities and challenges. You’re a change agent, using the power of innovative creativity to identify and resolve limitations to the status quo. A challenge, however, is that you might feel misunderstood by people within those systems. Rise above the challenges of your sign to move into its purest potential, especially from July 2-12.

The Cancer Sun shines until July 22, reminding you that if you don’t prioritize your wellness, other aspects of your life will feel the consequences, especially at the Full Moon on July 13. Rebalance your chakras and recharge. Time with friends is one of the surest ways to restore a sense of well-being, especially with good friends who know your history and love with unconditional acceptance.

On July 22, the Sun enters Leo and shines a light on your relationships, allowing you to learn how to have more secure attachments. You might also consider permitting yourself to explore new possibilities in love. Not everyone’s heart was designed for a traditional relationship paradigm. Allow yourself to question.

Mars moves into slow, steady Taurus on July 4 and energizes your career. You’re climbing toward a new career peak, and Mars gives you that extra push you need to keep going. Soak up all the love you can right now. Your ability to receive goodness will expand your capacity for goodness to flow into your life.



You are the wateriest of the water signs. Therefore, never underestimate the importance of water for your mental and spiritual well-being. I recommend spending as much time in the water as you can this month. Water is the element of our emotions. With Sun shining in Cancer, you feel the rocking of emotional waves a little stronger than you might at other times of the year.

We begin the month with Mars and Pluto in a challenging square. This transit brings out the warrior in most people, but it could inspire your inner peacemaker or mediator in conflicts among loved ones. You don’t have to take on others’ hardships as your own, which can be a challenge for someone born under the sign of the empath and healer. Sometimes, the best way you can be a lightworker is by stepping away from a situation when it becomes a diminished return.

The Full Moon on July 13 invites you to take a stand in a stubborn situation. You are ready to act in courage under the serious, absolute energy of the Capricorn Moon. It’s time to get to work. When Mercury moves into Leo on July 19, you can take steps forward toward completing a creative vision.

It is the season of manifestation. When Jupiter goes retrograde on July 28, it begins its slow journey back to your sign, allowing you to revisit opportunities that presented themselves early in the year. The best thing you can do is be open to taking a leap of faith (without letting fear talk you out of a deep-seated desire).

The Leo New Moon closes the month on July 28 in a way that energizes you to follow through on health-related goals. Signs are everywhere and available to you, but it’s easy to ignore them as mere coincidence or a random encounter.


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