Emerald Waters


Beauty, power and our precious world were the driving emotions behind the creation of Emerald Waters, Hollan Holmes latest release, an album of pure synthesiser, the style reflective of the Berlin School created during the heady years of the 1960’s and ‘70’s, when electronic music was beginning to emerge as a specific influence within the “pop’ era.

The eleven tracks shape and form into the many moods of water as it flows down river courses, turbulent at times, calm peaceful and reflective at other, laughing, dancing over tracks and obstacles in the way of the flow; allowing nothing to stop its journey ever onward.

Hell or Highwater captures a range of influences that aptly reflects the tempestuous nature of the river in flux; dancing and charming all who see, but then with the hidden element of power that can and will make its own levels to create either hell, dependant on where you are at the time or simply high water, lapping at the banks very limit.

A delicate and yet full bodied song The River captures once again the changing mood of water moving majestically along its given course, almost tranquil but moving ever onward. Mediative and reflective The Sublime Shimmer continues on in a similar style, subtle and yet with a stronger pulse, a more determined vibe to the melody that captures the vibrant nature of water when it is simply enjoying what it is destined to do; flow to the final point.

Leviathan captures well the sheer force and magnitude of a river in full flood. Anyone who has lived near a mighty river after a huge rainfall can relate to the power, the force and voice of the water as it cascaded furiously downwards, taking all in it pathway, until it finally reaches its destination.

Emerald Waters concludes a reflective, most enjoyable journey on the waterways of the world with a soft and gentle flow, a river serene, a lake gentle in the rising and setting of the day, an ocean peaceful and gentle and yet full of hidden power.

Has Hollan Holmes achieved his aim, to present the importance of water to our world with this work, is for the listener to decide, but overall Emerald Waters is a work well worth indulging in and allowing the music to take you with the flow.

Website                                                   https://spottedpeccary.com/
Distributor                                               Spotted Pecarry
Released                                                  January 2022
Artists                                                       Hollan Holmes

Review By Janet Mawdesley


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